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Palmistry FAQ. The Heart Line June 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Q. Why did it say that my deeply curved heart line meant trouble?


A. I bet the person writing the article had a straight heart line and believes that is the way everyone should behave!


To explain, let’s first find your heart line. It starts under the little finger and sweeps across the palm usually ending under the index (Jupiter) finger or the second (Saturn) finger. Most people have lines with a gentle curve, some are fairly straight and others are deeply curved.

 Kerrys palm

The heart line shows our emotional journey through life. It can also show the physical heart, but that explanation can wait for another article.

The majority of people with a gentle curve tend to experience their emotional life like gentle waves on a beach; bobbing ups and down.  

A person with a straight heart line may appear very cool and self-contained. They will not show any emotional storms in their life, or any emotions at all, and they will tend to expect others to be the same. Thus they are like a flat lake not showing a ripple on the surface.

The people with a deeply curved heart line show every feeling and every emotion freely and uninhibited. They will share the saga of their life outwardly and openly and hold nothing back. They are like the dramatic waves of white tipped ocean surf.


As you can imagine, the straight heart line people think that deeply curved heart line people are overly melodramatic. And the deeply curved heart line people think that straight heart line people are cold fish!

Neither is true. It’s only the perspective that is different. And both are being true to themselves. So what shape is your heart line and hence what perspective of emotions do you have?


























































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