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August 2009 Ancient Moon Gardening August 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Moon Gardening.
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3rd – 4th August Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter

Perfect for all planting, especially fruity annuals. But I will be using the time to plant everything!

6th August

Full Moon in Aquarius with Lunar Eclipse   (not seen in Australia)

A gardener’s time of rest, so put up your feet and think about all your successes in the garden.


8th – 9th , 13th August Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter

Plant root crops.

20th August New Moon in Leo

A gardener’s time of rest, so think about what you plan to do next in the garden.


23rd – 27th August  Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter

Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals.



For the Detailed Guide with information on when to prune, fertilize, water and harvest crops along with a huge section on garden activities and what to plant –


Kerry Galea – Ancient Moon Gardener, Astrologer and Palmist

E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com W:www.kerrygalea.com

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August 2009 News from the Stars August 2, 2009

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Dates in AEST

Saturday 1st August

                   Venus enters Cancer

Monday 3rd August

                  Mercury enters Virgo

Thursday 6th August

                  Full Moon in Aquarius at 10.54am with Lunar Eclipse not visible in Australia.

Thursday 20th August

                      New Moon in Leo at 8.01pm

Sunday 23rd August

                       Sun enters Virgo

Wednesday 26th August

                       Mars enters Cancer

Thursday 27th August

                        Venus enters Leo


What’s that in the sky?

– For all you night owls

You will see the giant Scorpion move from high in the heavens and sink towards the West. His stinger is in the Milky Way. You can also see magnificent Jupiter coming from the East and rises higher and higher in the heavens. If you would like to see the sky as the indigenous people did, then look at the dark spot near the Southern Cross. Imagine it’s the head of an upside down Emu who’s neck and body is the elongated dark area extending through the Milky Way.


 –For all you early birds

Lucky you – as you will see the two brightest planets in the morning skies. First if you look west you will see Jupiter falling down to the horizon. But I bet your gaze will be pulled to the east as you see Venus rise higher and higher before the Sun. Have some fun and see if you can see Mars. He will be higher and about a hand span from Venus. As August progresses you will see Mars move between the stars at the tips of the horns of Taurus the Bull. Slightly to the north you will see the Pleiades, also known as the 7 sisters, reputed in ancient literature as causing blindness – but that’s maybe because they tried to count them!


Do you remember the things you were worrying about a year ago? How did they work out? Didn’t you waste a lot of fruitless energy on account of most of them? Didn’t most of them turn out all right after all? – Dale Carnegie
























































































August 2009 Sun Sign Forecast August 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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Aries 20th March – 19th April

Usually restless, this month you will focus on your home and family. Venus is bringing harmony to help you improve your home situation and relationships with your family. So beautify your home with your special brand of sparkle. Mars, the god of warfare, is in your zone of communications and decisions. So I suggest being “very very” careful choosing your words, especially with neighbors and siblings – you may live to regret words said in haste. Later in the month the New Moon propels you to think about new ways of expressing and enjoying yourself.


Taurus 20th April – 20th May

This is a month when are able to connect with people, ask them for what you want, really hear what they have to say, and speak your mind knowing that you have the diplomats knack with negotiations. It will be especially important to talk to your children or to the young people around you -they have information that needs your attention. The Full Moon illuminates the situation with authority figures, possibly at your work place, and reveals exactly how they could help you. So now is the right time to make a decision. 


Gemini 21st May – 20th June 

I hope you are able to indulge in a competitive sport or activity to make use of Mars, the god of action and war, being in Gemini. He will be the reason you are restless, especially if you find yourself trapped or stuck indoors. You feel your luck with money will continue, but don’t push it! It is something you “own” that is of greater value than you imagine; and it may be yourself! This is an important month in gaining knowledge, seeking information, and stretching your wings to break free of the “box” around you.


Cancer 21st June – 22nd July

At last a break! Venus enters Cancer to brighten up your world after recent events. And with the planet of communication in the zone of communication there is now the opportunity to talk and connect on a positive note with good outcome. Decisions are now able to be practical, and not based just on emotional responses, even though you still need to trust your instincts. Most of your time and energy will be spend thinking about your money and resources and how to improve them. I would ask advice of someone with knowledge.


Leo 23rd July – 22nd  August

August will be a busy month. On one hand Mars symbolizes a competitive energy which can be best used with groups of friends in a fun way. It can also activate your long term goals for this year. On the other hand, Venus brings in some quiet time free from the hurly burly of life. And as the Full Moon is in the zone of relationships, it a good time to spend this time with a special person; existing or new! The New Moon later in the month is in Leo so expect something new to flourish in your life.





Virgo 23rd August – 22nd September 

At last, your ruling planet Mercury comes into Virgo bringing more clarity and a deeper sense of confidence. And as beneficial Venus enters the zone of new hopes, wishes and dreams you feel like you can accomplish anything. There is a snag – and that’s your health! There have been two big planets arguing in your chart and it will still be felt for months to come. It is now that stress may decide to manifest as health issues. So please relax, unwind your mind and know you cannot fix it today. Tomorrow will do!


Libra 23rd September – 22nd October

Have you been showing the world what you are capable of? Well, now’s the time to do it! So sparkle, let the boss know who you are, be creative, put on a show, smile at the nice policeman when you’ve been speeding, apply for that perfect job, be a leader, ask for what you want, and know that the world is looking kindly at you and good things will come out of it. Young people, or your children, will show you how to enjoy yourself and likely lead to new friends, groups or hobbies by months end.


Scorpio 23rd October – 21st November

Is it unfair to tease you about a holiday? For goodness sake; its time to take one! Don’t mess around, think of the big picture and take some well deserved time out. Do it quick as the Full Moon will change your attention away from your needs of freedom and refocus your eyes towards you family and home. But keep the idea of a holiday alive, even if you are planning it for the future. The New Moon later in the month will have you thinking about your work. Do you want to start something new?  


Sagittarius  22nd November – 21st December

Please stand still and just breathe for a while. There are so many influences, people and differing areas of your life making demands on your time, thoughts and feelings that you are feeling pulled in a thousand directions. In a nutshell, spend your time focusing on work issues or working with those who believe they have command over you. Spend your emotions on your siblings, or with neighbors. And later in the month focus on a little escape where you can inevitably learn something new. And amongst it all; don’t fight with anybody – as nobody will win.


Capricorn 22nd December – 19th January

As Venus, the lady of love, enters your relationship zone; you will experience renewed and deeper links with your loved ones. Even relationships that have gone through a difficult time can be repaired. So don’t waste this opportunity – decide to be with the ones you love, and to talk to them at a new level. Those that seek love can find it. The Full Moon occurs in your personal resource zone and will amplify any issues to do with self-esteem or money. Resolve them early, as any issues over shared assets will surface later in the month.


Aquarius 20th January – 18th February

With the Full Moon in your sign, its time to take centre stage and move towards those goals and dreams you have been having. Last month you may have been only dreaming of the possibilities, now get out there and take action. Mars, the planet of determination, will help you make the necessary steps into yet more creative possibilities. It’s not all great news, as there will be demands on you to be responsible and a need for you to ask deep and meaningful questions to get the answers you need.


Pisces 19th February – 20th March

With the planets moving into your social zones there is likely to be happy occasion that deserves celebration. Even if life has been restrictive, its time to let down your hair and party! Take a risk, stretch your boundaries and enjoy yourself. This includes the rush of love, a delight in intense creativity, or even creative renovations around the home. Young people or your children could lead to fun times. Know that what you have to say to others will be important, and you can really communicate easily with your beloved people.