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Palmistry and the meaning of scars September 1, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Q. Why are you paying attention to my scars?palm2

A. I am constantly amazed by how much meaning is gained through looking at the position of scars. They seem to indicate “damage” to the psyche in the area of life indicated by the position of the scar.


For instance a scar on the passive hand on the index or Saturn finger suggests unease, difficulty, or even possible conflict with authority figures as a child, which can influence life as an adult. 

A scar on the dominate thumb suggests an awkwardness in expressing personal will-power and determination.    

Of-course I would look at all features of the hand to support any conclusion. But if you are interested in Palmistry; then pay special attention to scars.













































































































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2. Ila - October 1, 2010

i have an mole on my forehead on the right , one scar on the back again on the right and one on my right leg. can u plz tell me what does this means?

Thank u

Kerry Galea - October 4, 2010

Hello, I am a palm reader and focus specifically on the meaning of the shape, lines, scars and moles on the hands so unfortunately I cannot help you with your query. And I do not know any references that can help you.

3. Mariely - August 3, 2010

Thank you so much Kerry! I feel positive right now. I’m from NY 🙂 I will take your advice and hopefully I will find a professional palm reader like yourself. I wish you luck in everything. 🙂

4. Kerry - August 2, 2010

Hello again,

Without looking at the whole hand it is hard to say. So I won’t! 🙂
I suggest a “proper’ reading. If you are in this part of the world by all means come to me. Otherside go to someone with a good reputation and qualifications.
It sounds a little like you are expecting relationship problem; so you hold yourself back. And therfore you are already living the broken marriage line!!! So now you have done that – whats next in your hands?
Dont be trapped by a line – I bet you have plenty more!
Yours in the Stars

5. Mariely - July 29, 2010

Hey Kerry,

Very interesting what you said and thank you for the reply. I havent been in a relationship (I’m not confident enough, as they say and It’s very unattractive) but have gone out with more than a few people. When I was a child, all throughout elementery school, I was always shy and scared of my teachers.

My astrological birthchart does mention a posible divorce and all the more I was raised by a divorced parent.

It’s amazing how you came up with that conclusion. Could be power struggles and insecurity from him/me or both parties that will cause the divorce. Thanks again 🙂

One more thing incase you know about this. What does a spirit line crossed with a horizontal (horizontal line appeared there lately and looks now like a cross) in the mount of venus indicate?

6. Kerry - July 27, 2010

Hello Mariely,

Without seeing exactly where scar is and its direction it is very hard to tell what it means. But you said that it follows the marriage line which is broken! So perhaps, and this is only to start you thinking, perhaps whatever was happening in your life when you got the scar set you up for difficuluties in relationships? Perhaps an experience with authorities, who could be parents, teachers, or the law, led you into a relationship where one person would “play” the authority! Hence a broken marriage.relationship line.
Scars are so interesting!
All the best

7. Mariely - July 25, 2010

I can relate to everything you said for I have scars in my dominant thumb, in my saturn finger (ignoring the one I described above)

8. Mariely - July 25, 2010

What does it mean if you have a scar in the domininant hand going in a downward curve and following a broken marriage line?

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