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Sun Sign Forecast September 2009 September 1, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


People inwheel your life will be indecisive, and means that in a myriad of tiny ways you have to adapt and change your daily routine. So expect to be frustrated, but know that the inner reflection is important for them. Your focus will be on duty and responsibility, and that includes an obligation to yourself and your health. Please stop holding on to inner tensions, and release your feelings. This month any stress and your health go hand in hand.



The month begins with the Full Moon illuminating on your connections to work colleagues or teams and groups. Changes are afoot and your true role is to stand forward and express your individuality and creative ideas on a personal level. Venus moves into your “zone of fun” bringing celebrations and the chance to enjoy yourself. It’s also an important time to recognise the endeavors of your children, or the young people around you, and build on their heightened sense of worth.



The changes between your home and work, or what people around you are doing, will come to a head. This can be related to some decisions you made late last year which now need to be adjusted. Some of you will think of moving, some will want to redecorate; some will have family move away, or even move in! Concentrate on feeling secure and comfortable as the boss, or the world, does its own thing around you.



You are normally such a security conscious kind of person. But this month your “take a journey” button along with the “I want something new’ button is firmly being pressed ON.  You may want to make important decisions but since Mercury is going backwards in your zone of decisions I would delay them until you find out more information at the end of the month. You may find a new friend or activity in the local area but your thoughts are going further than that.



The main focus for the month is the planetary lineup in your money zone. This is an ideal time to get your financial future sorted out. Put those plans on paper and connect with people that can help or advise you. You are allowed to have the luxury of changing your mind. So wait till next month to make big financial decisions. If you doubt your own sense of self-worth, then now is the time to see that as a limiting belief, and change it!



There is an air of change around you. The Full Moon is in the zone of relationships so your loved ones will be focusing on their own needs; and not yours. It is essential to pay attention to balancing how you make changes, with the need to feel secure. So this month it will be your sense of self-worth, as well as money, which concerns you. But Venus will soon enter Virgo bringing with her a sense of optimism and the ability to attract to yourself what you need.



This will be a month of indecision. Therefore it will be difficult to take the initiative and strive forward. But it is the perfect month to find time to go over a neglected project, reflect on the meaning of life, tidy your mind, and find your sacred inner space. Pay attention to your dreams. What messages is your unconscious sending you? Allow yourself to be intuitive. You may ponder events from the past and finally put them into the right place in your minds eye.



As the Full Moon lights up your zone of children and creativity you will be inspired to find your inner child, to become more creative or to reconnect with your own children or younger people. Through their sense of adventure and fun you can make much needed changes to your own life. Expect to be asked, or to feel motivated, to join a team or take a committee role or to start a connection with a whole different group of people.



There is an axis of change that is connected to your work place and home or family network. You have been focused on your home and family for so long that its now time to look outside and see what you can offer the world. And to help, the planets move to focus attention on your working life. Venus enters the arena and brings benefits with public attention.  So know that you will be seen, and be recognised for what you do.



If you are experiencing sudden back-flips at work or with how people acknowledge you, then don’t worry; it will sort itself out by next month.  The Full Moon illuminates a situation with siblings or neighbors. But the main focus for this month is on your heartfelt desire for a holiday, for a break away from the mundane realities of life and the desire to escape. You may also make plans to learn something new or take up a course of study.



With Mercury going backwards in your zone of travel or study, these plans may have to be reversed or reorganized. For the rest of the month the focus is on your values and your money. Are you de-valuing yourself? Who do you owe money or time to, or much more importantly; who owes it to you?   Its time to respect your own money, your energy, as well as your time, and exchange it for something you deserve.



The Full Moon occurs in Pisces and brings acute sensitivity so you may react strongly to difficult situations.  There may be another person who is either indecisive or holding you back.  Have you been true to your needs to rebel against the old ways of being? A delightful new energy occurs with relationships at the New Moon, and when Venus enters your relationship zone. You will find that others will be attracted to you, and to everything you represent.

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