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What’s happening in the Sky for September? September 1, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

4th September

            Mercury moves retrograde while in Libra. Not a good time for decisions – but a great one to think and reflect on what is, and what may be.

5th September

Full Moon at 2.20am in Pisces. A time to find your personal sacred space.

12th September

  Pluto moves direct

15th September

Saturn opposite Uranus. This is a continuing theme of changing from the old ways and embracing the new – not always easy – but necessary!

18th September

            Mercury moves from Libra into Virgo. We may loose focus on the big picture while we get stuck in a myriad of small details.

19th September

            New Moon at 4.44am in Virgo. The potential is for new growth in how we look after ourselves and our strategies of life.

20th September

            Venus moves into Virgo

23rd September Equinox

            Sun moves into Libra and the length of the days equals the nights.


 For all you night owls

Jupiter will rise higher and higher and will be close to the Full Moon on the 5th. Look for the Scorpion with his curved tail in the Milky Way. And if you look every night at the same time, you will see him move headfirst into the west.


For all you early birds

If you are up very… very early (or late the previous night), you will see Jupiter sink down into bed on the western horizon. The normal pre-dawn early birds may be lucky enough to see Venus rise in the east before she disappears into the glare of the Sun.  The eagle eyed of you can look for reddish Mars about 3-clenched-fists higher. The crescent Moon will pass over them from the 14th to the 16th.

If by chance I am up, then I will say hello to Taurus the bull and look for the cluster of stars known as the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters. Even though there is more than 7 of them! 

 Enjoy the view!






















































































































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