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Star News for you -October 2009 October 1, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

4th October

Full Moon in Aries at 5.10pm. This is an impulsive time where we learn that any action without thought for consequences can lead to emotional upsets. 

8th October

Mercury is conjunct Saturn. Expect a couple of days where discussions become serious with a general slow down in communication. 

10th October

Mercury enters Libra. Discussions can now move forward in a diplomatic fashion.

13th October

Jupiter turns and begins to move forward. Venus is conjunct Saturn.  These suggest that we turn again to new developments and value a commitment to rules and a firm course of action. 

15th October

Venus enters Libra. A perfect time for joint celebrations and social occasions. Harmony is desired. 

17th October

Mars enters Leo.         This is the spirit of enterprise and self-confidence.

18th October

New Moon in Libra at 4.33pm. This is the beginning of heightened awareness of both new and existing relationships, and our connections to other people.

23rd October

Sun enters Scorpio. The sun shines on all that is hidden and we are aware of the depths and wonder of what the heart knows.

28th October

Mercury enters Scorpio. This is a time of in-depth and perceptive knowledge and communications.  

30th October

Saturn enters Libra. This is the beginning of nearly 3 years where the world will work towards creating long lasting alliances, treaties and firm borders in counties, politics and business for protection against (perceived) threats.  As you can imagine this will have both positive and negative outcomes!

For all you night owls

Jupiter is the big bright beautiful star nearly overhead in the evening skies. He is situated between the constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius.

 For all you early birds

You will Venus rise as the brilliant Morning Star. Saturn will also appear in the dawn and will be closest to Venus in the middle of the month. Then Venus will be getting closer to the Sun and therefore harder to see in the dawn skies.

The small reddish light of Mars is rising about 4am in the east. You may find him if you look above the stars Castor and Pollux which are the twin stars of the constellation Gemini.

 Hmmm….If you have read the News from the Stars article, the observant amongst you will have noticed that Mars has entered the zodiac sign of Leo. And you may be puzzled why I am now saying that it is visually close to the twin stars of Gemini.  

 How’s that you ask! ……Constellations are groups of stars of varying size. Cancer is a small constellation while Leo is a thumping big one! The zodiac on the other hand, is the heavens organised into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees.  So Mars can be in the zodiac of Leo and be visually near the stars of Gemini.

Research has show that the ancient astrologers of 3000 years ago used the constellations, and the Zodiac started appearing approximately a mere 2000 years ago.  Did they consider the zodiac an improvement? Unfortunately they didn’t tell us. Papyrus rots, and clay tables break. But recent research is unearthing the forgotten traditions of constellational Astrology. This astrology fascinates me. They seem to believe that Mars rising first meant that combat or competition will be a feature of the times in the Kingdom.  

It does not matter which system of astrology that is used, as either way…If it didn’t work we would have gotten rid of it hundreds of years ago!

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