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Palmistry – The Long and the short of fingers October 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

A. What’s the difference between long fingers and short fingers?

Long fingers are roughly ¾, or more, the length of the palm.  Long fingers show a patient, thorough and meticulous approach to life. They need time to think, to analyse and to reflect. This means that they cannot be hurried and are naturally slower in approach than short fingered people.

Short fingered people who on the other hand are rapid thinkers. They love a fast pace and can grasp the overview of any situation and can make quick decisions.  These are the foot-in-mouth people as they don’t think before they speak.

As you can imagine the two make types would annoy each other. One is in too much of a hurry and does not pay attention to the consequences and resents being held back. While the other is a procrastinator and always want to know more before making a decision, and feels that they are always cleaning up the mess the other makes.

Life’s lesson is in allowing each other to show our natural talents. If we recognize and respect the differences then we can combine the two strengths to have a perfect partnership where huge achievements can be made.


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