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Palmistry FAQ’s – The Head Line November 1, 2009

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Mona Lisa'a handsPalmistry FAQ

Q. What does the Head line show?

 A. This is the line of the mind and the intellect. It is how we think. You may see it as the line that “crosses” the palm between the life line and the heart line.

When the line is connected to the life line it suggests a careful nature unlikely to take risks. If it is separated from the life line it shows an independent nature. A head line that moves upward shows a good memory while one that moves down shows creative imaginative thinking. And a head line that you can use as a ruler shows a reliance on sensible logical thinking!

Breaks and crosses on the head line show periods of mental tension.

So what does you head line say about you and what is happening to your mental strength right now?






























































What’s in the Stars and in the Sky for Nov 2009 November 1, 2009

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Time Zone AESD

3rd Full Moon in Taurus at 6.13am

    Celebrate the abundance of the simple, yet beautiful sights, sounds and feelings that are always around us when we lift up our eyes and spirits and really “see”.

5th Neptune moves direct

    After a time of reflection, we can now move ahead with our dreams and visions of what could be.

8th Venus enters Scorpio

     A time to value commitment and sincerity and to honor deep love. If jealousy can arise – it will now!

16th Mercury enters Sagittarius

     Seeing the big picture but the increase in knowledge does not mean we know what to do.  

16th Saturn square Pluto

     Gigantic struggles in the corporate and governmental worlds. If they have not faced up to facts- they will now!

17th New Moon in Scorpio at 6.13am

     We can use the growing feelings of intense commitment to achieve any purpose.

22nd Sun enters Sagittarius

    Inside all of us there will be a spark that inspires us to think outside the box to new possibilities.



What’s that in the sky?

 For all you night owls

Jupiter, otherwise known as Zeus – the King of the Gods, is still the most gorgeous sight in the evening skies.

Yesterday I was asked where to look to see the Scorpion for this month. And the short answer is – you won’t!

At this time of the year the Sun is travelling through the region of the Scorpion. So it is completely invisible due to the size and brilliance of that big nuclear reactor we call the Sun!


For all you early birds

In the wee small hours of the morning you can see Mars about a hand span to the east of the bright twin stars Castor and Pollux.  He is actually between the pincers of the Crab and ancient astrologers would say this is not a good omen for the kingdom.

If I am not curled up snug in my bed I will be saying hello to the bright stars on the tips of the horns of Taurus and the cluster of the 7 sisters, also known as the Pleiades, which are located in his shoulder.  It may be a little difficult as his horns are in the milky way; and because who really wants to be up at that hour!
























































































Ancient Moon Gardening – November 2009 November 1, 2009

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Time Zone AEST

3rd November

Full Moon in Taurus at 6.13am

This is rest period in the garden and it’s time to take care of your own body. Only plant if you want unusually distorted crops.

7th – 8th November

Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter

As the plants energy begins to retreat downwards, this is a good time to plant root crops.

17th November

New Moon in Scorpio at 6.13am

Rest and do nothing while allowing yourself some inner deep reflective time alone. Any planting done now will bolt to seed.

 bird and tree

20th – 22nd November

Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter

Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals, but I will be planting everything.

25th – 27th And the 30th November

Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter

Again this is perfect for all planting, especially fruity annuals, but I will continue to plant everything.


For more information on when to prune to enhance growth, prune to reduce growth, fertilize, water and harvest crops along with suggestions on garden activities call me for my Ancient Moon Gardening – Super Guide.


Kerry Galea Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening

P: 03 5126 2135

E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com W:www.kerrygalea.com
















































































































Sun Signs – November 2009 November 1, 2009

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 Aries    21 March – 20 April

 The Full Moon illuminates all things to do with money, finances and how you take care of your valuables and your resources. Venus suggests that there is an improvement in assets you share with another. While later in the month these shared assets will require rethought and renegotiation. Also work problems could impact on your partner or work allies, and can ricochet to affect you. Only get involved if you decide too. And yes, make those travel plans.

 Taurus   21 April – 21 May

 Mars is heralding continued tension in your home and therefore family activity and exercise, or home renovations, can help utilise that energy. With the Full moon in Taurus whatever has been hidden or troubling you – is now out in the open and you can see what you are dealing with. Pay attention to your health and to responsibilities you cannot escape – although you would love too! Venus and the New Moon will enter your relationship zone, hence new friends and deeper connections to loved ones is likely. 

 Gemini   22 May – 21 June

 The Full Moon will reveal the answers to what you wanted to know as it is shining a light on all that is hidden. Your zone of relationships is activated so expect increased company and connections with others. The creative ones among you may feel that the artistic well has dried up, but it will return with greater depth and richness.  Pay attention to the young people around you as they may be soul searching and in the need of support.

 Cancer  22 June – 23 July

 A friend can help to realise a long held wish or dream. Venus will enter your zone of fun and creativity, so look forward to a celebration or a time let your hair down and party! There may be unresolved tensions that surface between family members and your loved ones. They may be best to agree to disagree and I would try to minimize your involvement. Later this month is a perfect time to start a new and creative project.


 Leo  24 July – 23 August

 Mars remains in your sign to inject you with energy and vitality.  Don’t wait to do those things you were putting off – it’s time now! You will make some very useful discoveries from an authority or boss regarding your business or work, or with an important role you have. With Venus entering your home zone I expect you feel like redecorating or enjoying time with family members. Be aware of any uneasiness in your neighborhood, or with your siblings, as it could escalate.


 Virgo  24 August – 23 September

 With both zones of learning, exploring and travel being activated this month I expect your thoughts will turn to a change of scenery and the desire to see more of the world.  A new course, words of wisdom, or perhaps an overseas contact, will bring you important knowledge and realizations.  This month continues the focus on your money, or your sense of worthiness.  There is likely to be trouble, and absolutely no luck, with any form of gambling or risky behavior this month.

Kerrys Sun 

 Libra   24 September – 23 October

 This month is all about money and finances.  The Full Moon brings realizations about debts and loans, and financial realities may be hitting home. Venus enters this area and it either brings monetary benefits or just the feeling you have plenty to splash around. Are you thinking of spending more money? Can you really afford too? Is it an asset or just a liability?  This is an important decision making time and all decisions made now will effect the next 12 months. 


Scorpio  24 October – 22 November

 With Mars staying in your career, or role in the world zone, I expect a competitive and perhaps a tense time awaits you at work.  Your loves ones will be expressing strong emotions and may be feeling unsure of themselves. The good news is that Venus and the New Moon in your sign brings the ability to attract what you desire to yourself. People will listen to what you have to say and they will be paying attention to you.


Sagittarius  23 November – 22 December

 Have you forgotten to pay attention to your health, or to important routines that keep you fit and vital? It may also be your work environment that needs adjusting to maintain a sense of achievement. Speak up and tell someone that important piece of information that is burning a hole in your throat.  Be wary of friends that will cost you money or ask for money, or ask you for more of yourself than you can give.


Capricorn   23 December – 20 January

The stars are good for fun and romance, so speak to the one that has caught your eye. You may also find out who admires you. Your circle of friends will expand and different groups of people can open new doors for you. These pleasantries are off-set by hassles at work. Your expectations will be different to what you actually get.  So keep your head down low, and wait for the clouds to pass in this area of your life.


Aquarius  21 January – 19 February

 Expect to find out something about your family. It may be long held family tensions or secrets; so hold this information sacred, as it will upset someone. A benefit (hopefully a pay rise), or a very useful contact, will come through your work. This will bring in new possibilities, a new role or project, or even a new job if you want it. Be aware that friction with loved ones could escalate to outright arguments. Will it get you what you want?


 Pisces  20 February – 21 March

 Venus is in your escape zone and all you want to do is to have a relaxing change of routine, aka holiday!  There is a decision to make. And you may be surprised with the rush of feelings and the emotional impact that it brings up.  A group that you are involved in, or a dream that you cherish, may be costing you more than you like to give. So it’s time to change what you don’t like and begin what you do like.

 Milky Way