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Ancient Moon Gardening – November 2009 November 1, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Moon Gardening.

Time Zone AEST

3rd November

Full Moon in Taurus at 6.13am

This is rest period in the garden and it’s time to take care of your own body. Only plant if you want unusually distorted crops.

7th – 8th November

Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter

As the plants energy begins to retreat downwards, this is a good time to plant root crops.

17th November

New Moon in Scorpio at 6.13am

Rest and do nothing while allowing yourself some inner deep reflective time alone. Any planting done now will bolt to seed.

 bird and tree

20th – 22nd November

Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter

Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals, but I will be planting everything.

25th – 27th And the 30th November

Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter

Again this is perfect for all planting, especially fruity annuals, but I will continue to plant everything.


For more information on when to prune to enhance growth, prune to reduce growth, fertilize, water and harvest crops along with suggestions on garden activities call me for my Ancient Moon Gardening – Super Guide.


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