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Sun Signs December 2009 December 1, 2009

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22 march – 20 April

The Full Moon shines a light on your relationships with siblings or neighbors, and you may find yourself involved in their emotional reactions. The desire to start afresh or take a holiday simply means you are restless for new stimulating experiences. You may also be involved in power struggles at work, or with those that believe they can dominate you. Make careful decisions, as no Aries enjoys being pushed around. The situation will change, as help is within easy reach. 



21 April – 21 May

The Full Moon and the New Moon illuminate your income and assets, so they are in the spotlight; or should be. There is probably money being wasted but all you are focused on is the Big Escape. The plans you are making for the future involves huge changes. You know this is more than a pie in the sky idea, holiday, or a course of study.  Part of you wants to go and a part wants to stay. Be prepared to change and adapt your plans.



22 May – 21 June

This month is all about yourself in connection to other people. What do you want, and what do they want. The Full Moon in your sign means you are significantly more sensitive or emotional than normal. Other people will not know how to react to this and you may view their behavior as a retreat or even letting you down. Whereas in reality; it’s neither. Regarding decisions about shared assets; make them later next month, not this one.  



22 June – 23 July

Do you want the answer; really want the answer? It is definitely coming, but as much as I wish it would; the universe will not provide you with unlimited resources and security. This news means you have to work for it. So knuckle down, roll up your sleeves and focus on the job at hand. The good news is that Venus, in the form of significant other people, will bring luck, help or a welcome relief from the drudgery.   



24 July 23 August

Early this month a long held hope or wish can be realised. With the New Moon in your fun and creativity zone you are in party mode, and can really enjoy your self. Love will flourish, so take a risk and let your heart out to have some fun.  It’s not all good news as your zone of responsibilities is also activated and you will have to get back to serious business once the fun times are over.



24 August – 23 September

The news you have been waiting for regarding your job will now come to you. Use both your heart and your head to decide, as you are emotional regarding this issue.  The New Moon in your home zone means you can begin to feel more secure and put down new roots. You will begin to have very perceptive and creative ideas. These bring solutions to problems if needed.  Pay attention to what the young people or the children in your life are saying.



24 September – 23 October

There is knowledge, study or a trip that expands your mind and you are grateful for the changes it brings. If you are restless, then travel and explore your neighborhood. Talk to those who are wise and who are natural teachers; or become your own teacher. The aim is to “experience” life in the moment. The attractions of home and family will demand your attention but stay focused on what you can learn from the world around you. 



24 October – 22 November

This is the month to focus your inner perceptive high-beam lights onto your money and shared assets. Know that your feelings are heightened over these issues and it’s your choice if it results in tension. The best way is to start a new system or gain new beliefs about what it is that you value.  A situation at work will remain unresolved and it is a good month for short trips. Reach out and enjoy a connection with your siblings.



23 November – 22 December

With the Full Moon in your zone of relationships, emotions will be running high, and that includes business and personal connections.  Later in the month you can make new beginnings in your image and how the world will see you. Is it time for a make-over, literally and figuratively? We all have different masks to our ego, so try a new one on for size and find one that gives a greater sense of comfort and a natural sense of self.



23 December – 20 January

Do you really want the responsibility that you have, or the worries over money – perceived or real. In fact, are you being realistic about money or your true worth and are you being wasteful or being wasted? This is your month to follow the New Moon and look inside yourself and take what you find out there into the world. Shine your light, expect to be seen, and know as Venus enters Capricorn, you will attract to yourself what you want.



21 January – 19 February

The Full Moon brings in a celebration of your creativity, the opportunity to feel young at heart and feel free. Then, as the planets move, you will uncover what is hidden, but the time is not yet right to speak of them.  As a young plant need nourishment and security, give the same to yourself and a new idea or direction will reveal itself. Find a sacred place, walk alone, potter in the shed, allow yourself to be quiet while you work, and let the reflection happen.



20 February – 21 March

Your thoughts are turning to decisions regarding future goals, and your home and family are an important part of these thoughts.  You may be deciding to change, redecorate, or even move, to achieve your dreams. Celebrate what you have, and know its time to think of bigger things. The New Moon begins a focus on your role in the world and your career so it’s a perfect time to begin a new role. Reassure your friends as they will receive the help, or the optimism, they need.

Ancient Moon Gardening – December December 1, 2009

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Moon Position and Phase  Ancient Moon Gardening
2 December Full Moon in Gemini at 6.30pm  Today is a perfect time to talk to fellow gardeners and allow yourself to be curious about the techniques and plants they have tried and remember that it is a rest day in the garden.
4th – 5th December Waning Fertile Moon3rd Quarter


As the plants energy begins to retreat downwards, this is a good time to plant root crops.
16th December New Moon in Sagittarius at 11.02pm  A perfect time to begin projects and especially those on a BIG scale. Do you want to expand? It is definitely time to think BIG – but do not plant at the exact New Moon – have a rest. 
18th – 19th  23rd – 24th December  Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals. Although I would plant whatever needs planting.  

           Happy Christmas to all!

27th – 28th  December Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter  Again this is perfect for all planting, especially fruity annuals, and again I am not so fussy, and will be planting what I desire.  Planting by the Moon helps plants get a good foundation to survive the hot days to come!
 For more information on when to prune to enhance growth, prune to reduce growth, fertilize, water and harvest crops along with suggestions on garden activities call me for my Ancient Moon Gardening – Super Planner.


Kerry Galea    Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening     

                                                  E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com                                W:www.kerrygalea.com 






What’s that in the Sky? December 2009 December 1, 2009

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For all you night owls

The brightest star is Jupiter which will be sinking lower and lower in west during December. The constellation of Taurus will be rising higher each night. As I said last month the Pleiades are a magnificent cluster of stars in the shoulder of the bull.  To help you find them look at the Full Moon which will be next to the Pleiades on the 1st, close to them on the 2nd and between the horns of the bull on the 3rd. 


For all you early birds

Mars and Saturn are visible – if you know where to look.  And to help you; look at the Moon on the 9th . They will each be either side and about a fist distance from each.   They will look slightly different to the stars as Saturn is a creamy colour and Mars will be reddish. The word planet is the ancient word for ‘wanderer”. The ancients could see these wandering lights moving against the backdrop of the fixed stars.  

Now for the astrological picture –

2nd December Full Moon in Gemini at 6.30pm

Venus enters Sagittarius and Uranus moves Direct.  An intensely curious time where we are all stimulated by new activities, people and ideas.


6th December Mercury enters Capricorn

so it’s OK to take your time to decide.


16th December New Moon in Sagittarius at 11.02pm

Give birth to an idea, aim to travel or study. Begin something big!


21st December Mars goes retrograde

and the impulse to take action is reduce.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune brings a phase of heightened dreams and discoveries, or vague discontent and confusion.


22nd December Sun enters Capricorn

to focus our attention on stability and foundations. Today is the solstice celebration of the longest day of the year. It may not feel like it – but from today the days will start to get shorter.  Shorter – but hotter!


25th December Sun conjunct Pluto

brings an awareness of power and control.


26th December Venus enters Capricorn

bringing a desire for commitment and security in relationships.


27th December Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn meaning ambitions change, decisions will be misinterpreted and arrangements altered.











Palmistry FAQ’s – The Fingertips December 1, 2009

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Q. What’s so interesting about my finger tips?

A. There is a wealth of information right on the tips of your fingers!

Firstly the fingerprint patterns are unique to each person – as any policeman will tell you!

Usually there is a mixture of patterns. A predominance of whorls is the mark of a non-conformist and stubborn individual. Lots of loops show co-operative enquiring minds.  Numerous arches show a reserved and practical person and high extended-arches show a sensitive highly strung individual.  And as for the peacock’s eye, it’s a whorl within a loop and while very rare, it shows an amazing perceptive and talented mind.


Secondly the lines that cross the tip are also important. The horizontal lines are linked to tiredness or exhaustion. And the vertical lines can indicate hormonal imbalances. In both cases other features will need to reinforce this probability. 

In fact, looking at palms is like reading a complex book – so full of information and so exciting in its possibilities! So look to your hands and know that you are an amazing and unique individual.