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What’s that in the Sky? December 2009 December 1, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

For all you night owls

The brightest star is Jupiter which will be sinking lower and lower in west during December. The constellation of Taurus will be rising higher each night. As I said last month the Pleiades are a magnificent cluster of stars in the shoulder of the bull.  To help you find them look at the Full Moon which will be next to the Pleiades on the 1st, close to them on the 2nd and between the horns of the bull on the 3rd. 


For all you early birds

Mars and Saturn are visible – if you know where to look.  And to help you; look at the Moon on the 9th . They will each be either side and about a fist distance from each.   They will look slightly different to the stars as Saturn is a creamy colour and Mars will be reddish. The word planet is the ancient word for ‘wanderer”. The ancients could see these wandering lights moving against the backdrop of the fixed stars.  

Now for the astrological picture –

2nd December Full Moon in Gemini at 6.30pm

Venus enters Sagittarius and Uranus moves Direct.  An intensely curious time where we are all stimulated by new activities, people and ideas.


6th December Mercury enters Capricorn

so it’s OK to take your time to decide.


16th December New Moon in Sagittarius at 11.02pm

Give birth to an idea, aim to travel or study. Begin something big!


21st December Mars goes retrograde

and the impulse to take action is reduce.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune brings a phase of heightened dreams and discoveries, or vague discontent and confusion.


22nd December Sun enters Capricorn

to focus our attention on stability and foundations. Today is the solstice celebration of the longest day of the year. It may not feel like it – but from today the days will start to get shorter.  Shorter – but hotter!


25th December Sun conjunct Pluto

brings an awareness of power and control.


26th December Venus enters Capricorn

bringing a desire for commitment and security in relationships.


27th December Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn meaning ambitions change, decisions will be misinterpreted and arrangements altered.











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