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Palmistry FAQ’s. The broken Heart Line January 1, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Palmistry FAQ’s – To feel or not to feel?

Q. Does my broken heart line mean I will have a broken heart?

A. To put it simply – yes. A broken heart line does mean that your heart will experience heightened feelings and emotions. The more breaks, the more they are experienced. You will feel every pang of anguish experienced by yourself, family, friends and even the world. A very broken heart tells me that every sad news story will cut you to the core. For you are love itself.

To a person with a straight heart line the term ‘road kill” simply means a dead animal at the side of the road.  To you with a broken heart line it means a whole herd of questions like; whose pet was it, do they know, what shall I do? And if it’s a native animal – you will want to check if it has young in its pouch? And it will break you heart!

The point I want to make is -do not mourn your broken heart line – celebrate it – because the world needs more people like you!

And to say it better than I could-

“To experience true love there has to be a willingness to have your heart broken by it a thousand times, for it is the letting go into its force that the heartbreak itself is experienced as love. …Its embrace is never ending, infinite and complete. And in this love you rest as total completion, utter peace, soaring freedom. You are love itself’.”  The Journey – Brandon Bays










































































































1. Kerry - May 22, 2013

Spread your love to the world. It needs you to love everything! For a heart like yours is precious and when you surrender to divine love you will see love and joy in everything!
Be blessed and thank you,

2. Priya - May 22, 2013

got a brkoen heartline too…and yes you are right..hav to experience a heart break for sure..in love wid this guy frm the past 5 years and cant marry him coz my parents and family wont approve of him..nd yes you are soo right..every little small sad thing kills us inside..even your answer to the question made me cry..i wish i was not “the chosen one” to suffer this..i wish i was more of a cold person..alas!

Anish - January 28, 2014

Yes I have also got a broken heartline in my right hand….

Kerry - January 28, 2014

Hello Anish If your right hand is your dominant hand then the world will see your emotional life. If it’s in your passive hand then you will hide your feelings. No matter which hand your feelings are meaningful and precious. Smile and accept your wonderful big heart! Kerry

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