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What’s that in your Stars for January 2010 January 1, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

1st January Full Moon in Cancer at 6.12am

With a partial Lunar Eclipse. A strong emotional energy to protect and nurture.

12th Jan Sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn.

Expectations of respect and support from authorities.

14th Jan Saturn goes retrograde in Libra and starts to head back towards Virgo.

The re-assessment of boundaries and strategic plans.

15th Jan New Moon at 6.11pm in Capricorn with Solar Eclipse not seen in Australia.

The beginning of a serious mood towards persevering. Although we need to “adapt” not “maintain”.

16th Jan Mercury goes direct and visually starts to move forward in motion.

The time of reflection and confusion is over, and all systems are good to go! Especially after the 4th of Feb.

18th Jan Jupiter enters Pisces.

Expansion of creativity and ideals and increased interest in spirituality and religion.

19th Jan Venus enters Aquarius.

A delight in the unusual and innovative.

20th Jan Sun enters Aquarius.

Progress and change against the status-quo.

27th Jan Venus opposite Mars.

Ignition of passion resulting in either union or disharmony.

30th Jan Full Moon at 5.17 pm in Leo.


What’s that I see in the sky?

For all you night owls

As each day goes by you will see Jupiter, the brightest star, sink into the west and he will soon be too low to see. I never get tired of seeing the Pleiades in the shoulder of Taurus the bull.

Orion is close by, but here in the southern hemisphere we see his belt and sword as the “saucepan”. In the beginning he used to be known as the shepherd with his crook.

And where have you been hearing a story of three bright stars (kings), cattle lowering and shepherds ‘guarding their flock by night lately’? Perhaps the ancients did look to the sky to tell the story of a very important birth!

Its probably a good time to tell you of something I heard recently –

“Pray as if everything depended on god.

Work as if everything depended on you”


For all you early birds

There is plenty of masculine energy in the morning skies this month with Saturn the old king, and Mars the god of war both visible. Mars will be sinking lower in the west through the month.

Mars is near Regulus which is the star in the heart of Leo the lion. The waning full moon will pass slightly above them on the 4th Jan.

Look to the morning skies to see the Scorpion arise, head first. His tail is imbedded in the Milky Way, known in ancient times as the spurting breast milk of the great goddess.

















































































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