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Your Sun Sign Forecast – Feb 2010 February 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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With all the activity in your zone of fun and games there will be the opportunity the enjoy celebrations and good times with your loved ones.  But there is tension between the demands of work and your relationships, or you could be in the middle of a struggle for power. Compromises mean neither will be happy. On the plus side – your creative juices will be flowing. This could be used for finding the perfect solution which will lead you to beginning a new personal goal.



 There will be emotional energy to burn and it’s focused around your home zone. I suggest undertaking a renovation to use the dramatic energies to best effect or you could be in for an argumentative time with family.  Take care of your health, especially if you are travelling anywhere. An authority figure, or your boss, has information that intrigues you and could lead to a new start or new ideas about your role in the world. What do you want to achieve?



With your travel zones activated, all the short trips you have been taking are making you restless for a long one. Well – why not! It’s in the stars – so make plans to escape, and have a real break.  OK, so it involves a cost; but think what you will gain. Later in the month your role, or job, is recognised and you are able to ask for what you desire. This may involve learning, or teaching, something new.



Spending money, especially around the home or in building a strong financial base, will be challenged by a partner in business, or in life. Money is in the spotlight this month.  So investigate your investments and your budget. Important information will come which brings a whole new light onto any loans or investments you have made.  Note that your time is an investment! A developing restlessness and curiosity can be channeled into either wanting a change of scenery, or seeking information.



With the recent Full Moon and Mars both in Leo, you are being noticed, especially by authority figures, and in a very good way. Don’t waste the opportunity – so put yourself forward and ask for what you want. Your energies are high and you will need to be active if feeling stressed. People that may need support are close neighbors or your siblings.  A new exciting time begins with other people and new friendships could blossom.



There is so much opportunity for enjoying yourself and meeting new people that I sincerely hope you are on holidays! Your mind will not be on work at all! The one trouble with all this fun and creativity is that it may put a hole in your money belt.  I wish I could say to budget – but I’m not. Because if you are not using your money – then your kids will be! So get in first and have fun while you spend the kid’s inheritance.



Golly, it would help if you could clone yourself. The demands of home and family are at cross purposes with your own needs. Also the demands of friends and the organization of groups will call your attention. It will be hard to say “No” to taking on a new position. And to top it of your zone of fun and creativity is enhanced so don’t expect to be sitting at home unless you lock the door!



This month there is a lot of heightened emotions in your work place or around issues at work. There is someone or some information that would help; but it’s been kept hidden from you. Play the waiting game till later in the month when it will come to you from the people that you least expect will know the answer. A small win, or an unexpected pleasure, will bring a smile to your face.



With both your travel zones being activated it’s time to travel, or at least plan it, or you will be restless and frustrated. As long as you feel that you are moving – you will feel good. Its standing still that will drive you to distraction. You may not understand why you are so emotional but get in the car, plane, or even take up running, and see how much better you feel. Beware of friends, or a group, asking for money.



People always have perceptions which are often incorrect. You are seen as representing something to people, and they will not like it when you make the changes you want, or those that you should. Your bosses could also try and limit you – but you do know its time to make a change. Deep inside you do know, if you have not already made, or experienced them. Everything will be all-right, especially if you value yourself and your input.



With the recent full Moon in your zone of beloved people your emotions regarding them is heightened. Tears can flow for no apparent reason, and you will find yourself making compromises that you would normally never make. It may relate to fears about freedom, or going it alone, or learning something you don’t feel equipped for.  With the New Moon in Aquarius later this month it’s time to know that you are the best person to be in charge of your own life. 



All work and no play make you a very dull person. Yes, its time to pay attention to the mundane and responsible aspects of life. The good news is that Venus will enter Pisces mid-month and bring a sense of joy and luck. You won’t actually be all that lucky – just feel like you are! The responsibilities of life will still be there but look for joy, inner tranquility and the ability to attract to yourself people and situations that reward you. 






































Ancient Moon Gardening – Feb 2010 February 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Moon Gardening.
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Your Mini Planner for the best times to plant for productive and beautiful gardens.


S.A. subtract ½ hour. QLD subtract 1hr in summer. W.A subtract 2 hours.

N.T subtract ½ hr in winter and 1.5 hours in summer. In N. Z add 2 hours


3rd – 5th Feb Waning Fertile 3rd Quarter

Plant root crops.

14th Feb New Moon in Aquarius at 1.51 pm

Rest and do nothing. Perfect time to come up with inspirational ideas for your garden.

16th Feb and 20th – 21st Feb

Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially annuals and vegetables grown for their leaves.

24th – 26th Feb

Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially annuals and vegetables grown for their fruits and seeds.

There is no Full Moon this month because we had one on 30th Jan, and the next one will be on the 1st March

Now you know when to plant – you will want to know when to prune to enhance growth, prune to reduce growth, fertilize, and harvest crops.

Call me now for my Ancient Moon Gardening Super Planner – a MUST HAVE for dedicated gardeners.

E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com





Palmistry FAQ – Luck, Money or Fate? February 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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Luck, Money, or Fate – what is it?

Q. I have read that the line that goes vertically up the palm from the wrist area to the long finger is called the luck line. I don’t have one. Will I be unlucky?

 A. The line you describe is really the Fate or Destiny line. It is only in modern (not necessarily better) books that sometimes call it the Luck line. Some also call it the Money line.  This Destiny/Fate line is only in those people who feel as if they are here to fulfill a mission. They work darn hard to attain their goals, and hate it when they do not see the future. For example, they prefer to work for a guaranteed income, and are uncomfortable if self-employed. And they are luck – because the harder they work; the luckier they get!


You don’t have a Fate line so some books would say you have no direction. Pay no attention to those books as I prefer the idea that a person like yourself can “make life up as you go”. You “flow”, and are more receptive to changing circumstances, and other markings aside, can be completely happy being self-employed.  Therefore you are not unlucky at all. You just don’t make your Destiny sit up and take notice of you and hence don’t make your own luck. What comes ….comes! What doesn’t ……..doesn’t!











What’s in the Sky and News from the Planets – Feb 2010 February 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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For all you night owls

Mars is visible astrologically in the sign of Leo, although when we look at him we see him in the constellation of the Crab.

A great example of what I keep saying – “signs are not the same thing as constellations”. The constellations are the address, whilst the signs are the metaphors for meaning and significance.

For the real night owl; you will see Saturn rise in the east, close to the fixed star of Spica. Say hello to the Milky Way and imagine yourself on the edge of a magnificent galaxy.

For all you early birds

The very early ones amongst us will still only see Mars and Saturn. So it does not matter if you are an early bird or a night owl, or just an insomniac; the night view is still the same.

All the other planets are so close to the Sun that they are invisible to our eyes.

1st Feb Saturn square Pluto

A theme of success through tenacity, endurance and discipline while transforming worn out controls, and breaking old patterns.

10th Feb Mercury enters Aquarius

A time of innovative ideas and reforms.

11th Feb Venus enters Pisces

Bringing a surge in creative and artistic interests.

14th Feb New Moon in Aquarius at 1.51pm

Beginning a time of humanitarian ideals, and inspired vision.

19th Feb Sun enters Pisces

Being open and receptive and wanting to belong.

Since we had two Full Moons last month it seems that the heavens have cancelled the Full Moon this month!

But it’s a calendar thing, as there was one on the 30th January and there will be one on the 1st March.