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What’s in the Sky and News from the Planets – Feb 2010 February 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

For all you night owls

Mars is visible astrologically in the sign of Leo, although when we look at him we see him in the constellation of the Crab.

A great example of what I keep saying – “signs are not the same thing as constellations”. The constellations are the address, whilst the signs are the metaphors for meaning and significance.

For the real night owl; you will see Saturn rise in the east, close to the fixed star of Spica. Say hello to the Milky Way and imagine yourself on the edge of a magnificent galaxy.

For all you early birds

The very early ones amongst us will still only see Mars and Saturn. So it does not matter if you are an early bird or a night owl, or just an insomniac; the night view is still the same.

All the other planets are so close to the Sun that they are invisible to our eyes.

1st Feb Saturn square Pluto

A theme of success through tenacity, endurance and discipline while transforming worn out controls, and breaking old patterns.

10th Feb Mercury enters Aquarius

A time of innovative ideas and reforms.

11th Feb Venus enters Pisces

Bringing a surge in creative and artistic interests.

14th Feb New Moon in Aquarius at 1.51pm

Beginning a time of humanitarian ideals, and inspired vision.

19th Feb Sun enters Pisces

Being open and receptive and wanting to belong.

Since we had two Full Moons last month it seems that the heavens have cancelled the Full Moon this month!

But it’s a calendar thing, as there was one on the 30th January and there will be one on the 1st March.






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