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Whats happening in the Sky – March 2010 March 1, 2010

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News from the Stars 1st March Full moon in Virgo at 3.37am AESD

2nd March Mercury enters Pisces

7th March Venus enters Aries

11th March Mars goes Direct in Leo

16th march New Moon in Pisces at 8.01am AESD

18th March Mercury enters Aries

21st March The Autumn equinox is heralded by the Sun entering Aries when the length of the day equals the length of the night. Equinox = equal!


 What’s that in the sky?

For all you night owls

Mars is the highest visible planet and Saturn is a little lower in the east. Look north and look up. The Milky way cuts the sky on the left and the two bright stars close to it is Castor and Pollux the twins of Gemini. A little further right is the reddish gleam of Mars. Keep looking right and see Regulus the heart of the Lion. Then a little further is the non-twinkling light that is creamy colored Saturn.  Grab some good quality binoculars or a telescope if you can, to see the amazing rings of Saturn. I promise you it is well worth the time.


For all you early birds

Those of you up in the uncivilized hours pre-dawn will see Saturn slip down in the west and become lost in the haze of the morning light.

Look into the Milky way to see the elegant curve of the Scorpion’s stinger. 














































































March 2010 Sun Sign Forecast March 1, 2010

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Your Sun Sign Forecast – March 2010

 Aries      21st March – 19th April 

The planets are focused on your health zones, and its time to accept that your actions, non-actions, and bad habits will be afflicting you. You may only be just finding out that what you used to tolerate – is now no longer good for you. With Venus entering Aries and the Sun bringing energy and vitality, you are empowered to take responsibility, and make choices.  Some of you will continue with pleasurable, but ultimately bad, lifestyle choices. 

 Taurus      20th April – 20th May

There is a celebration of life and new beginnings. Allow your creative spirit to soar and experience the joy of children.  You will want some time to be by yourself to ponder on the world, think of all that is beautiful, and that which you want to improve.  Work towards a new direction especially in your home life. Inspiration can come with peer groups and friends and a greater circle of people will come into your life.

 Gemini     21 May – 20th June

Deal with the circumstances that have arisen regarding your family or your home, and do it quickly, as your attention will soon be on the outside world and your work. News will come with the New Moon which brings in a developing situation, so expect some changes. If you are ready for them you can be in a position to make the changes suit your needs.  Be aware that tensions can arise with siblings or neighbors.


Cancer       21st June – 22 July

The Full Moon and the New Moon suggest that all decisions, even small ones, will have lasting effects.  The particular areas of focus for careful thought are in any journeys that broaden your mind, and any forms of study or gaining higher knowledge and understanding. For some of you the decisions may involve the Law, so get good legal advice. Authorities will notice you and have expectations; so forget trying to hide under a rock!

 Leo         23rd July – 22 Aug

The Moon shines her light on your budget showing you exactly where you have been successful and where you have been wasteful. Important information regarding a business deal with another person is possible. With Mars giving you an adrenalin rush and a competitive edge, you feel it is time to take action and direct your energies where needed.  Don’t commit too much of your time, because a journey is about to begin.

 Virgo         23 Aug – 22 Sep 

With the Full Moon in Virgo you will be more emotional than usual, and will fully realise how you got into the current situation. The silver lining offered to you is the understanding of how to “get out of it” and make improvements. Venus shows that gains come from assets and resources you share with another. The New Moon is in your zone of relationships, so expect the start of new connections and inspiration coming from other people. 

 Libra       23 Sep – 22 Oct

Your relationship zone is lit up with Venus, the goddess of love, Mercury the planet of communication and then the Sun shining illumination. What a wonderful time to share and be with existing loved ones, and some of you will find new loves! Please remember to “share” the love while being aware of your tendency to “give”. The New Moon says it time to accept new responsibilities for yourself – not to take over another’s responsibilities.

 Scorpio         23rd Oct – 21st Nov

The Full Moon shows that emotions are high regarding group of people; perhaps a club or friendship group.  You want more recognition, and the best way to get it – is to express yourself and speak your mind! Whilst there is a good opportunity for enhanced creativity and celebrations, the focus quickly turns to your need to make decisions and be accountable for work you expected others to have done, or that you have paid to be done.

 Sagittarius     22nd Nov – 21st Dec

Whilst there is a work or business issue that is distracting you, and perhaps emotionally bogging you down; your actions need to go in a new direction. The planet of communication and the New Moon suggest its time to focus on your family and home zone.  Enjoy a celebration and encourage all family members to have their say, and these talks will lead to new ideas and a creative way of solving any problems.

 Capricorn     22nd Dec – 18th Jan

If you are thinking that the grass looks greener over the fence, then you can blame the Moon! There is a magical gleam of moonlight and escapism calling you to move on. This will be difficult as your feet seem set in concrete, and careful decisions need to be made. Your home zone is activated, so all your attention, and the reason to make a decision, will be focused on your home and extended family.

 Aquarius     19th Jan – 18th Feb

With your money zones being activated by the Full and New Moons there are financial decisions and perhaps a business deal coming your way. You may be the one involved in the paper work, while others stand are in the limelight.  If relationship becomes tense, it may be due to boredom, so change the energy by becoming more active. Later in the month your communication zone is activated so you will be ready and willing to talk!

 Pisces     19th Feb – 20th March

The Full Moon is helping you realise that everything you do and say has an impact on people. And everything they do and say, also impacts on you. It is good to be reminded of this every now and then. Now you can work on the issue while Venus, the goddess of love and understanding helps you stay positive, and Mercury, the planet of communication, helps you speak up and be heard. 







March 2010 Ancient Moon Gardening Planting Almanac March 1, 2010

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1st March Full Moon In Virgo at 3.37am

Official gardeners Rest Day! Put your feet up and sit down to plan your Autumn garden.

3rd – 6th March Waning Fertile 3rd Quarter

Perfect for planting root crops.

16th March New Moon In Pisces at 8.01am

Stop work. The Moon is invisible and is about to begin to grow in size and plants will do the same. But don’t plant today as they will tend to bolt to seed.

19th – 20th March Waxing fertile 1st Quarter

Perfect days for planting! Especially leafy vegetables.

Also perfect to prune to encourage growth and new shoots.

24th – 25th March Waxing fertile 2nd Quarter

Perfect days for planting! Especially fruiting vegetables e.g. broad beans.Also perfect to prune to enhance growth.

30th March Full Moon In Libra at 1.25pm

Official gardeners Rest Day! Put your feet up and join with fellow gardeners for a social occasion. Known as a Blue Moon because it’s the second Full Moon in the month.


S.A. subtract ½ hour. QLD subtract 1hr in summer. W.A subtract 2 hours. N.T subtract ½ hr in winter and 1.5 hours in summer. In N. Z add 2 hours

Now you know when to plant – you will want to know when to prune to enhance growth, prune to reduce growth, fertilize, weed and harvest crops.


Call me now for my Ancient Moon Gardening Super Planner – a MUST HAVE for dedicated gardeners.

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