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10 Ways to Solve a Problem with Palmistry April 1, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.


Your hands will show you 10 ways to solve a problem. Each finger points the way – all you do is find which finger, or which fingers has the answer.

 If the problem is one of the physical world, for example about work, about a person, about money. Then look to your dominant hand, which in most people is the right hand. If the problem is one of the inner world, for example about feelings, secrets, hurts, worries, betrayals or family stuff, then look to your passive hand, which in most people is the left hand.

 Look carefully at the condition of each of your fingers in the hand you need to look at. Any finger that is cut, has red spots, has torn cuticles, or has white spots on the nails can be ruled out.

The fingers that remain healthy and vibrant will now point the way to solve the problem!

 If it’s the thumb, then sheer staying power and determination will be your solution. So hold firm and stay put, or knuckle down to work. If it’s the pointer finger, Jupiter, then the best way is to take the initiative and take action on your own behalf.

 If it’s the long finger, Saturn, then get advice from an authority or a knowledgeable source. If it’s the ring finger, Apollo/Sun, then the solution will a creative, somewhat surprising one. If it’s the little finger, Mercury, then talk to everybody, gather information, have a meeting, get mediation, or have a debate to find the solution.

 Last month I had a problem with a deadline with the palmistry article in my last newsletter and I had absolutely no inspiration. So I looked to my hands. This was a real world problem, so the answer would be in my right hand. The ring finger stood forward as being the most vital and undamaged. Therefore I needed to get creative and surprising.

Once I realised that a creative approach would be the best, I wrote this article about solving problems with palmistry. Then the surprising part was that I simply went and had a well deserved massage instead of beating myself up. It worked perfect; and I felt good!  So look to your hands for the answer.





































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