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What’s that in the Sky in April 2010? April 1, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.

For all you Night Owls

In the early evening you can catch a glimpse of Venus, also known as the Evening Star, as she glides down to the western horizon following the setting Sun.  If you take the time out to sit and watch her set, you will notice a small star just below her that is also moving steadily towards the horizon. Congratulate yourself, as you just found Mercury!

 Testosterone packed Mars rules the night skies as he is high overhead. The old staid king, Saturn, is rising in the east and by midnight he is high overhead and he has controlled tempestuous Mars who is sinking to the west and disappearing. If you can get your hands on good binoculars or a telescope please take a look at Saturn. He is magnificent.

 There is a headlong rush of Venus, then Mercury and then the Sun entering Taurus this month. Taurus knows quality and believes in value. One cannot help but think that the recent return to the night skies of Venus entering Taurus would been the reason that the male gods of Saturn and Mars have became all hot and flustered with each other! Especially with a New Moon in warrior-like Aries.

 Perhaps this suggests that the actions of a powerful woman, or the emergence of a new valuable resource, cause sudden reactions which are swiftly repressed, but not totally controlled, by the governing authorities.  

For all you early birds

The bright star you see rising in the east, just before the sun obscures our view, is Jupiter. He is the new king and will be a beautiful sight when he is very close to the crescent Moon on the 12th April. If you have to be up at an ungodly pre-dawn hour, then say hello to the Scorpion rearing high overhead.


1st Venus enters Taurus

3rd Mercury enters Taurus

7th Pluto moves retrograde

8th Saturn re-enters Virgo

14th New Moon in Aries at 10.28pm

18th Mercury moves retrograde

20th Sun enters Taurus

25th Venus enters Gemini

27th Saturn opposite Uranus

28th Full Moon in Scorpio at 10.18pm




























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