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What’s that in the Sky? June 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.


News from the Stars

Time Zone AEST

1st June Neptune retrograde in Aquarius

6th June Jupiter enters Aries

7th June Mars enters Virgo

8th June Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Aries

10th June Mercury enters Gemini

12th June New Moon in Gemini at 9.14pm

14th June Venus enters Leo

21st June Sun enters Cancer for the Winter Solstice.

25th June Mercury enters Cancer

26th June Full Moon in Capricorn at 9.30pm with partial Lunar Eclipse visible in Australia in the early evening.


What’s that in the sky?

For all you night owls

Venus is the brilliant evening star in the west. She is slowly following the sun and will soon disappear into the horizon. For the sharp eyed amongst you, Mars and Saturn are also visible.  The distance between all three is approximately large open hand span. Mars is reddish and Saturn is creamy and they don’t twinkle like the stars do. Early this month, Mars will be close to Regulus, a bright star known as the heart of the Lion. 

The Scorpion, who will look as long as your forearm, will be visible rising up head first. His tail is deep in the Milky Way and ancient myths tell that the Milky Way is the spurting breast milk left over after the creation of the universe. No wonder Scorpios have amazing intensity, depth and perception.


For all you early birds

As you answer the demands of dogs, cats or work, and peek outside in the wee small hours,  make sure you look up to see Jupiter. He is the bright star in the east. Then turn around and see the beautiful Scorpion diving head first into the west.


And rug up this chilly winter season!

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