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Fast Palmistry Secrets! August 1, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
I bet you think we just look at the lines on your palm. But those that have been to see me know that I look at all parts of your hands. And one of the most interesting is your finger tip ridge patterns.  The Police also find these very interesting!

Each finger tip can have a different pattern but I will just generalize here and tell you about “main” pattern and its meaning, and the commonest patterns seen.

A whorl is a fully enclosed circle and is the mark of the non-conformist and those who have originality, while deliberately keeping their feelings to themselves.

When the loop shape dominates it suggests a versatile, enquiring and curious nature, and big highs and lows of emotional feelings.

The arch suggests a stubborn practical and reliable person who can take control but who tends to repress and deny their own emotions.

 As an example; you can imagine that someone with the arch pattern on the finger of relationship would tend to struggle with getting on with other people. But an arch on the Saturn finger of responsibility is a perfect use of all the great qualities of reliability and practicality.

Are you looking at you own finger print patterns right now?



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