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Palmistry Puzzle with Finger Nails September 2, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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Q. I am a very healthy person who does all the “right things”, so I am puzzled why all my finger nails have vertical ridges?    


A. The nails are a window to the skin below and can show us health issues. When the window is obscured with vertical ridges that actually dents the nail then it suggests inherited health problems. They are linked to rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, or an intestinal tendency to colitis, or skin disorders. 


Inherited conditions are simply a tendency for a certain health condition that is passed down to us in our genes. A good diet and doing all the “right things” in most cases will prevent this tendency from manifesting. Thus you may even have prevented these possible health problems from occurring or at the very least; minimized them.      


If doing all the “right things” still results in problems, then we may as well try to change our inherited tendency for our height or eye colour, as blame ourselves for nail ridges that show inherited tendencies. 


Vertical ridges that do not dent the nail are quite common and are linked to an overly acidic diet from eating more manufactured products than the body can cope with. Each of our bodies is different, and what may be acceptable for one person’s body is not acceptable for another person’s body. 






























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