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Whats that in the sky? October 2010 September 29, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.
Solar System Planets.

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News from the Planets 

Time Zone AEDT in beautiful Australia 

 4th Oct Venus conjunct Mars in Scorpio 

4th Oct Mercury enters Libra 

8th Oct New Moon in Libra at 5.44am 

8th Oct Venus turns retrograde 

21st Oct Mercury enters Scorpio 

23rd Oct Full Moon in Aries at 12.36pm 

23rd Oct Sun enters Scorpio 

 28th Mars enters Sagittarius 


Have you noticed the last two crescent Moons were laying on their backs? The old folks say that when you can hang buckets off the Moon then it will rain. Well by golly; it’s been bucketing down! 

What’s that in the sky? 

For all you night owls 

Venus and Mars are together in the western sky.  You will only see them early evening and they will steadily disappear through the month as they get closer to the Sun. 

The Scorpio will closely follow as it dives into the eastern horizon.  Turn around to the east and see Jupiter rising. 


For all you early birds 

Look to the west to see Jupiter setting and the Southern Cross lying in its side in the south. 


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