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News from the Stars -what’s that in the sky? December 2010 December 1, 2010

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For all you night owls

Brilliant Jupiter is high overhead and is the main feature of the December night skies.  He is known as the new or upcoming King, and if you grab some binoculars you may catch a glimpse of bulges or dots which will be some of his own moons circling him; just as our Moon circles us.   

There will be a Lunar eclipse on the 21st at the Full Moon. Watch in the early evening as the Sun sets and the Moon rises and you may be lucky enough to see the Moon go darker, or even change to a reddish color. The very earth on which we stand will block the light from the Sun and we will cast our shadow over the Moon. 

As the month passes, Jupiter will be falling further and further towards the west.


For all you early birds

Venus in now the morning star and will be rising before the Sun.

You will also see Saturn which is roughly a relaxed hand-span higher than Venus. He is a soft yellow color. Use your binoculars to see if you can make out the bulge of his rings. Saturn is known as the old King and since Venus, the great goddess, is spending time in the sky with him, it meant benefits and joy to the one in power.

News from the Stars

Time Zone AEST

1st Dec Mercury enters Capricorn

6th Dec New Moon in Sagittarius at 4.35am

6th Uranus goes direct

8th Dec Mars enters Capricorn

10th Dec Mercury goes retrograde (appears to go backwards)

14th Dec Mars and Mercury conjunct Pluto

19th Dec Mercury enters Sagittarius

21st Dec Full Moon with Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini at 7.13pm and we may be able to catch a glimpse of this as the Moon rises.

22nd Dec Sun enters Capricorn and the Summer Solstice is here.

27th Sun conjunct Pluto

30th Mercury goes direct.





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