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Palmistry FAQ’s – Dead or Alive? December 1, 2010

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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Q. Where, and what, is a Life Line? palmistry

A. It starts between the thumb and the pointer (Jupiter) finger and circles around the meaty part of the thumb. It represents vitality, health, and our journey through life.

Q. Where is my Life Line?

A. Ummm…it does not appear to be there. Golly; it must mean you’re dead!


Yes it does happen. Not very often and I have only seen it only once, but some people do lack a life line.

A strong and clearly marked life line shows strength and vitality as well as a good immune system. But obviously, one can be in good health without a life line. Nor can the length of life be foretold by the length of the life line. So don’t panic at your short life line, and also don’t smile at your long one.

The life line is our physical body. The lack of a life line merely suggests that the mental spirit shown by the head line, or the emotional feelings shown by the heart, are the driving force of life.

A strong Fate, or Destiny line, which travels vertically through the middle of the palm, can also show physical vitality and hence add to, or weaken, the life line.

So much to tell you….. so little space. More on the life line in the next issue.





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