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Palmistry FAQ’s – A break in the Life Line January 2, 2011

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
Right hand

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Q. What does it mean when there is a break in the life line?

 If you remember from last month, the life line runs around the fleshy part of the thumb. This month I will explain what happens if there is a complete break in the life line.

 Since the life line represents vitality and the “journey” of life, a break means a significant period when one life path is over and another one begins. If it occurs in the dominant hand, it will be noticeable to everybody, and may occur in the area of relationships, health or work life. If it occurs in the passive hand, it means a crisis of inner faith, or a loss of self-esteem.

 The interesting thing is that a “break” implies that the line will start again! The length of the gap will show how long the difficult time will last. Sometimes we simply need to get out of our own way, allow the old way of life to pass by and wait for life to start anew. To get off the old train tracks of life and find the new tracks. So if your life line has a break; don’t focus on the end, rather look for where, and when, it will start again. And a new life can be a whole lot more exciting and interesting that the old one. In the transition period ask yourself; how can I do it (life) the way I really want to?







1. Smara - January 2, 2014

hello kerry ..
i wanna ask you about my strange life line … it starts normally ..then it breaks in the middle by a strong fate line then continues ..i don’t know if i have sufficiently described it…

Kerry - January 2, 2014

Hello and don’t panic. Yes life will change. But you said “strong” fate line and that’s enough to be a very positive help in achieving great things with the change! Look forward to it and enjoy the ride of life 🙂 Kerry

2. nikos panou - December 27, 2013

I want to ask you about a life line….this line starts normally lets say,in touch with head line….later in age about 40 or little less,occurs an other parallel line to the left about half finger distance…they both go in parallel for a period of about 10 years of age i suppose and then the first line that started from same point with head line stops and the second line continues alone until the end o flife that has a big island…..that person did a large change in life around 38 or 40…then must be the second line for…the period that they go in parallel maybebmeans a double life…two lovers maybe…and then the first life and everything turn off and only the second type of life p;us lover or something remain until the end….is my way of thinking on this subject right???

Kerry - December 30, 2013

Hello Nick, Some of it yes. But don’t limit yourself to thinking about two lovers! It is more likely to be about two roles, two jobs, two interests, two roles in life. Take for instance and accountant who in private likes to dabble with art. They would do both for many years then the artistic nature becomes more important and they are seen as the artist. The life shown in the life line in the dominant hand is very visible to the outside world. So I suggest that is has nothing to do with two lovers. My best wishes for your new life or role. Kerry

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4. katherine - November 11, 2013

very interested in palmistry and astrology and enjoyed reading and learning from the comments and questions

Kerry - November 12, 2013

Hello Katherine,

Thank you so much. Isn’t learning about it so much fun. They are techniques that have been in use for thousands of years and we would not still be using it if it didn’t work!! Enjoy your life line 🙂 Kerry

5. Shalini - September 24, 2013

Hi Kerry,
I have never seen breaks in lifeline…until i saw it in my son’s palms…..My son has one big prominent break in lifeline in each hand….looking at them makes my heart sink……i am always worried for him……..i have been desperataely trying to find out what does these breaks mean…inital thought was accident…cant explain how i feel whenever i read something negative about these breaks…


Kerry - September 29, 2013

Hello Shalini,

Yes I can imagine you would be worried. I would be.
But it may be a wonderful thing that happens! He could become an unhappy accountant, get made redundant and then find his passion and joy as an artist!
Life is weird and wondrous. My advise is to see professional palmists as well as astrologers. Then do a palmistry course yourself.
Show him how to take control of a worry and turn it into an asset. Are you currently showing him how to panic?
Read up on nature/nurture and know that you are forming the nurture part of his life. Nurture his ability to adapt and learn.
Grab hold of a proper palmistry course. There are good ones online. Then you will relax and so will he.
I have met people without any life lines (or fate ones). They were very much alive and living a good life. Don’t take the fatalistic attitude to palmistry.
There are alternatives so take the other attitude and all will be well.
Enjoy the ride of live

6. Mary - August 30, 2013

So a break in a line does not always mean death;end of life?

Kerry - September 1, 2013

Yes. What a reassurance. 🙂 But it does mean great change. So be open and be prepared to be flexible. Kerry

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7. Lauren Hermit - August 14, 2013

Hello. I want to know about my palm. My life line begin by connected with head line. On the way, it break apart at the end of my life line and, plus it also connect with my fate line, and many horizontal line goes up but it just little and small, but I have the long and showing one that cross my life line very close to the connected area line between the fate and life line. They kinda look like a leaf shape(middle of that it still small line that break apart) or kinda like triangle and at the end, close to the wrist, it look like a small “M” shape but it not show much.

Kerry - August 14, 2013

Hello Lauren, thank you for commenting and I wish I could help. I bet if you reread your notes you would see that there is no way I can figure out where the lines come from; or go to! A picture is needed but I never do online reports. What you need is a Palmist in your area. Google it – you will likely find one. Or if you are in my area, Southern Victoria Australia, then bring your interesting hands to me. I wish you well in your search. Thank you, Kerry

8. ruhita - June 13, 2013

i have a break in my passive hand and its very true, its not seen on the outside bt there has been a lack of inner faith and self esteem and i dont know how to get it back and how much longer will it take

Kerry - June 13, 2013

Hello Ruhita,
The good thing about a break is just that. It is a “break”. And it will return. It is only a matter of time!
In the meantime you can learn what it is that reduces your self esteem and what increases it. You are Fated to face this. but your Destiny is in how you deal with it and the decisions you make on a day to day basis. Fate cannot be changed; Destiny can.
Talk to those that can help. They are there and one day you will one who can help others as you will understand.
May the stars smile upon you.

9. Kerry - May 19, 2013

Palmistry is never tedious. It is a delight, a mystery, and a challenge. And that’s what life is. Enjoy it.
And enjoy your own study of Palmisty 🙂

10. Kerry - May 15, 2013

Hello Adrija, oh boy, I read and reread your description and I kept wondering what you meant. Its nearly impossible to describe with words the lines on the hand.
I cannot give a forecast based on a description. I need pictures and please understand that I don’t do free readings.
I suggest you go with your partner and see a palmist in person or arrange handprints to be sent.
I wish you both all the very best.

adrija - May 19, 2013

yeah well i understand how tedious it becomes. thank you anyways.

11. Adrija Chatterjee - May 13, 2013

Hello Kerry! I would like to know about my fiance’s life line. His dominant hand is right where there is a break in the life line ( that rides down from the space between the thumb and index finger, a little near the mount of mars). the gap created by the ending of this line from the other life line (which rides up from the lower part of mount of venus and continues till near the head line) , is fine but prominent to notice. His fate line fades towards the head line but doesn’t obliterate completely (and surprisingly it corresponds to the time when his life line from the upper thumb fades near the base of his thumb). Could you please tell me the implication of it as am afraid given the various misconceptions surrounding it that foretells an end of job and/or life.

12. Mel - March 4, 2013

Whats the meaning of a fate ending in between index and saturn finger?
Great work, keep it up!

Kerry - March 6, 2013

Hello, Of course there are numerous other lines which will affect the meaning. But the index, or Jupiter, finger suggests late life is one of endeavour, community involvement and/or travel. The Saturn finger suggests work and discipline. So if the fate line ends between them I bet you are not going to be sitting in a rocking chair watching time go by! Enjoy the ride. 🙂 Kerry

13. Kerry - February 27, 2013

It is believed that many many lines means that one has had many many past lifes. They suggest awareness and inner wisdom. And a whole lot of deep resources in dealing with any situation!
You know and understand so much more than what you have actually experienced. Utilise it as wisdom adn enjoy life.
Thank you for your comment. Kerry 🙂

14. archana - February 27, 2013

hi ,I have so many lines in my palm and they all are blur ,fade and most of them are crossing each other . Is it good sign or bad for my whole life? plz do tell…

Kerry - February 27, 2013

Hello, It is believed that many many lines mean that one has had many many past lives. They suggest awareness and inner wisdom. And a whole lot of deep resources in dealing with any situation! You know and understand so much more than what you have actually experienced. Utilise it as wisdom and enjoy life. Thank you for your comment. Kerry 🙂

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May all your weeds be wildflowers!

15. Kerry - January 31, 2013

Thnak you and enjoy making the most of your life line!

16. Bonaguida,Li - January 31, 2013

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17. Kerry - November 13, 2012

The key words athat you wrote are “…starts before the other one ends….”.
So a new life, perhaps work or love or lifestyle, starts before the other one ends. And as ait is half way up your hand, it is half way through your life that this change happens. Seeing all of both hands would pin point it. I suggest you see a good Palmist.
Enjoy the changes!

18. Jo - November 13, 2012

Hey, my life line has about 1cm gap. The first line comes from the bottom to half way up my hand and ends there, the other line starts before the other one ends and finishes between my thumb and first finger, and there is this gap. Same on both hands. What would this mean??

19. Kerry Galea - July 12, 2012

Hello Oriel,
It is too hard to follow your descriptions. It fact it is too hard for any Palmist to follow a written description. We must “see” the hand or see a photo or scan. If i were you I would make an appointment to see a professional Palmist. That way you can analyse it properly. And steer your own way through the twists and turns of life.

20. oriel - July 9, 2012

I’m confused with my life line and fate line.I have a break in my life line on my active hand.It started at the head line,then it breaks and started again at the head line then another line it started above the life line where it broke off,my lifeline ended with a trident and is connected with my fate line.My fate line started off with a lot of small lines that formed like a bow,then it connected with my life line.The end of my life line and the part where it connected with my fate line looks like an M.

21. sarah - June 1, 2012

Hi, There is a gap on both of my life lines, then it carries on, the gap on the right hand is a bit bigger than my left hand. Is this good or bad?

Kerry - June 6, 2012

Hello Sarah,
Life will, or has already, changed. It all depends on when it happens as ordained by the position of the break, and how old you are. After all; it may have already happened!
We cannot do this with words on a screen. I suggest that you go and see a good Palmist that will help you transisition from one stage in life to the next.
And if i were you; I would plan on the new life achieving all your goals.
Remember the old saying, “The only constant in life is change.”
And if it has not yet happened then you are lucky in that you can design you future. 🙂 Kerry

22. tahiti - March 17, 2012

dear kerry..i wanted to ask something regarding my hand too . . and its kinda similiar to dan’s one here but hugely different too..i have asked a palmist friend of mine too but none could answer..can i post it here?because im kinda lost as to what address i should ask my question..thanks

Kerry - March 20, 2012

Hello Tahiti,
Thank you for your question. I would go to a professional Palmist. Both hands need to be looked at, and also the Fate line. A strong supporting Fate line will change the outcome. A strong Thumb, which represents willpower and determination, will also change the outcome. Your hands are how you grab hold of life. There are things fated to happen; but your destiny is in YOUR choices instead of simple automatic responses. Embrace you strengths. Kerry

23. Kerry - March 13, 2012

Hello Dan,
I cannot say anything more without seeing the whole hand – and both of them. Go ans see a Palmist or if you are in my part of the world; come and see me. Go to the home page for details.
First off; dont worry. A Palm reader would look at many lines in the hand including the Fate Line. Only then can we really say what it means. Kerry

24. Kerry - February 20, 2012

Hello Dan, Off course any Palmist needs to see the whole hand and really needs to see both of them. But it means something monmentous will happen. If your passive hand life line is fine at this point then its something in your outer life such as work, health or relationships. Look at your Fate line. Does it change, or are there changes in the relationship area? The whole hand is important to see what is going to happen.
But dont be afeared. You know something will happen. So now its up to you to make it something you WANT to happen. Get a big goal, plan on changing your life for the better and have fun with your changes!!
I have seen peopel have crosses on the life line, and with other indicators, they met the love of their life and gain three kids, which if you know kids, was hard work! But they loved it!!
Grab life and have fun
🙂 Kerry

dan - March 13, 2012

hi again. my fate line is very short and wavey, ends before the headline and ends in a cross

25. dan - February 20, 2012

hello. I have a small break in my active hand where the new line begins parallel and almost immediately their is a cross after the break. the break and cross is around about the age of 35. can u tell me wot this means please. thanks.

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