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Palmistry Hints – Lunar Mount – creativity or pragmatic March 1, 2011

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Palmistry Hints –

She put out her hand and said that she thought she had odd shaped hands. They were not odd; in fact they were quite beautiful.

There was a definite plump bulge on the palm under the little finger and opposite the thumb. This is the area known as the Lunar Mount. And a lot of people have a bulge in this location. Obviously she had never noticed any others. A well develop and firm bulge in this area represents imagination, sympathy and creativity. And guess what – she was an artist.

An over developed bulge indicates impracticality and a tendency to get lost in dreams. So don’t go into business with a person with a large and flabby Lunar Mount! They have no sense of maintaining effort or sticking to hard work. A narrow thin mount simply shows a pragmatic nature.  They still have imagination, but they do not know how to use it for positive outcomes and tend to worry. 

Most of us have quite normal Lunar Mounts and blend imagination and creativity with practicality and patience.

Start noticing the hands of the people around you. You will soon see these traits exhibited.


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