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What’s that in the Sky – Astronomy and Astrology for March 2011 March 1, 2011

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When the planet Saturn is at equinox, its ring...

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First I will tell you the astronomy – stay tuned for the astrology!


For all you night owls

The only planet in the evening skies is Saturn, but at a civilized hour he is too low and barely visible. So if you find yourself out late at night, or in the very early morning, see if you can find him. The best night is when his is close to the Moon on the 20th March. Since Saturn represents the ways and authority of the old King the ancients would say that the King is in complete command and thus existing rules would dominant and win over any new changes or challenges.  So if you want to make changes that go against prevailing rules; perhaps do as the ancients would do, and wait till the sky shows easy adjustment for those changes.  


If you like looking at the twinkling stars then Castor and Pollux, the bright twin stars of Gemini are easily visible if you look to the North. Further to the east is Regulus in the heart of Leo the lion. And in the South is the Southern Cross lying on its side.


For all you early birds

Venus is the Morning Star that rises in the east and heralds the Sun’s arrival a few hours later.

Saturn is setting lower and lower in the western sky. And the Scorpion is very visible directly overhead. His long curved body swings through the Milky Way. We are so very lucky in the Southern Hemisphere as we have far more stars to admire than our Northern Hemisphere neighbors.

News from the Stars

Time Zone AEST

26th Feb Jupiter square Pluto

3rd March North Node into Sagittarius

5th March New Moon in Pisces at 7.45am

10th March Mercury into Aries

12th March Uranus into Aries

20th March Full Moon in Virgo at 5.10am

21st March Sun into Aries – The Autumn Equinox.

27th Venus into Pisces

29th March Jupiter opposite Saturn

31st March Mercury goes retrograde in Aries


“The best things in life aren’t things”.

Art Buchwald

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