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Palmistry Hints – Your life is in your hands! June 2, 2011

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.


Your thumb represents will power, logic and vitality. A solid strong thumb shows a strong physical body and practical application of will power. These are the “do’ers”.

A waisted thumb (narrow below the knuckle) shows a very mental and thoughtful attitude to life. These are the “thinkers”.

A supple “bendy” thumb shows good listening skills, a social nature and empathy. A firm straight up and down thumb shows a person who is not showy in love or friendship, and can be shy, but is very reliable.


We are all different, so for instance, don’t mourn the fact that you are a do’er and not a “thinker”, or shy and not social – play to your unique strengths!  Be who you are in all your glory. And grab hold of life in your unique way.

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