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Your Sun Sign Forecast – June 2011 June 2, 2011

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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Aries 21 March – 19 April

There is two ways this could go. With Jupiter, the god who likes to make little things big and big things even bigger, entering your money zone, you could get lucky with some extra money. Or you could indulge in a wonderful spending spree. Which would you prefer? Decisions will need to be made that have far-reaching consequences, and the advice you receive is good.  Lastly; are you in the mood for journey?

 Taurus 20 April – 20 May

Time to shine. You are kidding yourself if you think they don’t see you. So you may as well sparkle and take the initiative. What do you want? – Better decide quick, as this is a wonderful opportunity for you to make it happen.  While work is a drag and responsibilities mount up, this is still a time for a make-over, a new outfit or a new outlook on life.  Take care of your money and be financially wise.


Gemini 21 May – 21 June

With a New Moon and Venus, the goddess of love, entering your sign this month, its time to vamp it up and attract whoever you want.  Nobody can ignore you, and while it may just be the attention of the shop assistant, it’s still focused on you, and they will want to help. Think of all the ways this could be useful. So put your hand up and ask for something that was previously denied you.


Cancer 23 June – 22 July

Will you get the peace you desire? If not, get some well deserved time out. Sometimes the only thing wrong in life is that we need time to retreat and have a chance to rest the spirit. So don’t worry if you cannot make up your mind, with a chance to reflect it will all seem easier later in the month. Perhaps think about your old patterns of behavior and see if you are repeating them or not. 


Leo 23 July – 22 Aug

The possibilities from last month continue with recognition within your reach.  Any negotiations and talking that you have been doing will finally pay off and a golden opportunity with a job or career advancement will land in your lap. A group or social network, a buddy club or hobby group will bring benefits.  These associations will have information that is needed.  Once you have what you want – what are your new goals and ambitions?


Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

Changes are stirring at work. It may be more knowledge that you need which means activating the learning parts of your brain! Or it may be that you find out something you did not know. It will all turn out perfectly fine in the end. But keep flexible and on your toes to make adjustments as needed.  Also you need a holiday or you will burst. Either get going now, or at least be planning one.


Libra 23 Sep – 23 Oct

An investment pays off, but overall this is a restless time when you need to expand your world and learn something new. Perhaps you will want a holiday, studying, plan on moving, travelling or maybe merely making lots of short trips. At the very least have a mini holiday and slow down to take it easy as these undertakings can easily become stressful and lead to emotional, rather than logical, decisions.


Scorpio 24 Oct – 21 Nov

Energy and sparkle light up your relationship zone and move you on to new connections and new activities. There are yet more people coming into your life. Sometimes less information is better, so make communications short and to the point, or you will be misinterpreted.  There could be both good news and bad news about your finances and emotions will be high with anything to do with money. Later in the month get extra advice.


Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec

Other people’s actions will cause you to react in an emotional manner. Don’t take anything personally because it’s not about you – it’s about them and what they want to do. You are their audience. Do you boo and hiss; or applaud? Enjoy the ride and you will learn more about the people you love and your love will deepen.  It can even blossom in unexpected ways as friends become very close.


Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan

A social function that promised to be good, suddenly involves hard work. But you will still have a good time even while you do the necessary work.  This month begins a prolonged time of creativity. The artists among you will be delighted. The rest of you have a chance to change and expand on what pleases you and discover new interests. All of you have the chance to be more than what you were!


Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Young people or children, especially your own, will be important to you this month.  They will have something to tell you or information that you need. A shared event has the possibility to bring you closer if you open up and listen. There is no need to “do” anything – just really pay attention. Observe how they act and focus on their vibrant energy and you will soon learn how to become younger in spirit.


Pisces 19 Feb – 20 March

OK so you don’t know which way to go. At the moment it does not matter. The road ahead is unclear and you don’t have a map. You can stop and wait until clarity returns. Or you can trust to intuition and luck and move ahead. There is no yes or no answer to any question you would ask. When the feelings of confusion are strong, I suggest that you go slowly.




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