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What’s in it for you – Sun Sign forecast for November 2011 November 1, 2011

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

Aries 21 March – 19 April

A foreign encounter could cost you plenty. But that could mean a great holiday and the cost will be worth it. If a holiday or travelling is out of the question, learn something new and stretch your mind. For those that are creative, expect wonderful ideas; the rest may tend to daydream the month away. Any work issues will slowly improve and there may even be extra opportunities coming.

Taurus 20 April – 20 May

Any tensions at home will be carried over to your work, so be careful and keep your mind on the job or mistakes could happen. Being angry will not solve problems, only create them; so bid your time. You do need to investigate all your financial matters, especially shared assets. Check pay slips, chase down lost superannuation, and make sure anything you “share” is equal. Even housekeeping roles!

Gemini 21 May – 21 June

This is a great month for talking and connecting with others. I’ll even go so far to say that love is in the air! This is not a logical time, its communication at a more intuitive and understanding level. So don’t try and do your accounting. But please, reach out and explore your connections to others. Specal people may be about to change their mind, but they will likely return.

Cancer 23 June – 22 July

Time to pay attention to your body and to your health. Any problems can be resolved, even long-term ones. Help is available and may come from new sources of information. A delicate dance is needed as some information is right and some will prove to be wrong. This is a month where you could easily lose something of value or overspend, so hold tight to your purse or wallet.

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Leo 23 July – 22 Aug

Many social occasions and fun are on the horizon. Meeting new people leads to new ideas. Beware those that ply fair words for their own gains. In other works; beware being conned. There is much to be done, and it does not help that your “get up and go” will soon have “got up and went”, so perhaps regulate how much energy you use, or simply take it easy.

Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

Enjoy some quality time at home. Loved ones will want to come and visit and be nurtured. With Mars entering your sign later in the month your energy levels will rise. If you are not busy enough then you will be restless and easily annoyed, so use the energy supplied and achieve a physical job, perhaps around the house. Oh, I hope it will be more fun than just spring cleaning!

Libra 23 Sep – 23 Oct

You are a person that likes to connect with people and this month it will be talk, talk and more talk, until even you are worn out with talk. Beware that not all communication will go easily, as later in the month there could be confusion and misunderstandings. Also take care with important decisions, as you may need to change your mind.

Scorpio 24 Oct – 21 Nov

“Money makes the world go round”. Well it doesn’t! But this month you could be excused for thinking that way. All your thoughts are about finances, both the lack of, and the abundance. Money can easily come to you, and some will leave. Or it can be promised, and then some be taken, or given, away. Give thanks for what you have, and are about to receive.

Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec

Venus, the goddess of good fortune and love, enters your sign. People will notice you, so smile back and enjoy yourself. When you speak people will take notice. But if they can get confused – they will get confused. So explain yourself a couple of different ways and then you will see the light of understanding go on in their eyes. Later in the month you need to backtrack, revise or repeat.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan

Peace and quiet is a luxury, but this month you need it so step out of the rat race and watch the chaos swirl around you; not through you. Imagine that you are a little back-eddy in a fast moving stream, and this is your change to rest. Seek places of sanctuary, or visit cathedrals built by man or built by nature. Also keep your wallet tightly closed.

Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Other people are so energetic and full of vim, but you feeling are so lazy. Groups of like-minded people can inspire you and help you get up and go, but arguments could just as easily happen. Honour where you are at, and go with the flow. Which is easy to say, but hard to do. Nevertheless, this is a good month to think about your long term goals.

Pisces 19 Feb – 20 March

There can be a breakthrough on the work front this month. So look for opportunities as you are being recognized for what you do. It’s all about status and being able to gain some more. But internally you will not be able to get away with neglecting or abusing your body. You may be an armchair athlete or a marathon runner, but still take care of your body.


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