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Your Sun Sign Astrology Forecast for December 2011 December 1, 2011

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

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Aries 21 March – 19 April

The wrong information or misinterpreting the right information will lead you astray. This may be with legal matter, holiday plans, or news from abroad. Wait unit later in the month to sort your facts out.   Changes are closer than you think but don’t rush in. OK, you are an Aries so you will rush; but leave yourself room to move back.


Taurus 20 April – 20 May

Youthful action and learning about secrets are the themes this month. Will that mean you fight with kids when you realize what they are up too? Or will it mean you discover your inner child and have an adrenalin rushed adventure? Or anything in-between. Your choice! Lady luck will smile upon you in the work place so look for the  opportunity offered.


Gemini 21 May – 21 June

People can be so indecisive. Go with the flow as there is nothing you can do to speed things up. They will make up their mind in their own sweet time. Although I bet they say you are the one causing the confusion. And with a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, they could be right. It will help if you let something go. What, I don’t know, but you will.


Cancer 23 June – 22 July

Work and responsibility does make the world go around. Someone has to do it, and this month it’s your turn. Even if you don’t know what to do, or if it’s right. As long as you are “doing” something you will be happier. Keep your head down and stay away from situations that involve angry words. Nothing will be gained by becoming involved.  


Leo 23 July – 22 Aug

Money and the lack of it bother you. You want to spend impulsively and feel that something delightful, perhaps a holiday, an overseas trip, or a new love is in the wind. But you worry about the resources you need to make it happen. Take a deep breath, make a wish and dream big; and you may find somebody that will help make it happen.


Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

With Mars in your sign being activated the energy is all go go go. Yes, it’s scary; and you will not see the eventual outcome, but why wait. Say yes to everything and grab the moment. This may involve a change in the work place or a new role to be accepted.  Later in the month allow your creativity to have full expression.


Libra 23 Sep – 23 Oct

Your motto this month is act in haste; repent at leisure! What is likely is that you will make rash decisions that lead to mistakes and you have nobody to blame but yourself. It’s easy to correct this problem; simply act at leisure and with due thought to the consequences while taking advice. So until later in the month; go slowly.


Scorpio 24 Oct – 21 Nov

You will need to accept that keeping your eyes on your dreams will cost you money. But so what. What’s wrong with a dream house or a dream job or a dream holiday. Dreams are important. All you have to do is be better with money, so spend less, or sell what you don’t need anymore. And it’s VIP to share these ideas with your partner.


Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec

Until the middle of the month it frustrating as you seem to be going backwards, or even feel restrained. But it’s perfect for going over plans and double checking everything. Soon you will feel the moment that it’s time to move ahead again. Loved ones and partners need to focus on themselves and may be confused, so it’s a good idea to be supportive. 


Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan

Peace and quiet. Ah wouldn’t it be perfect. But instead you ask yourself if it is attainable? So in all the rush and bother of life I suggest you find a special place and a spare moment to find some. Even ten minutes each day will do it. All you have to do is do nothing; only breathe. Just breathe. The keep doing what must be done. 


Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Offers of adventure, emotionally charged social occasions, or restless young people in your life will all be major themes this month. And you know you need to let this all happen. It will mean changes for you when Venus enters your sign bringing attention to you. So use it, and have that adventure, be restless and express yourself and keep on practicing your X factor smile.


Pisces 19 Feb – 20 March

Does everyone seem to be either energetic or angry? If I were you I’d prefer them to be energetic; so encourage anything that uses energy! Your work life, or the roles you perform, will be “interesting”. Which means anything from overt tension to lots of new information and later in the month; new opportunities. Emotions with family members will be running high, so be a calming force.



A lot of people do not realise that the Sun moves into the 12 signs of the zodiac on slightly different dates each year. Also if you are born close to the border of two signs then you are on the cusp and you are a blend of the two sun signs. The dates here are the 2011 Sun Ingress dates forAustralia. Source is SolarFire.

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