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Whats that in the sky? – Visual Astrology February 1, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.

News from the Stars

Time Zone Australia AEDT

4th Feb Neptune enters Pisces and will stay until 2025!

8th Full Moon in Leo

8th Saturn goes retrograde in Libra

8th Feb Venus enters Aries and is conjunct Uranus

14th Mercury enters Pisces

19th Feb Sun enters Pisces

22 New Moon in Pisces at 9.34am


Solar System Montage - GPN-2000-000454
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For all you night owls

Venus and Jupiter are the bright stars seen in the west. They will be visible for a few hours after sunset. Jupiter is the one higher in the sky.  For a beautiful sight go outside and have a look when he moon will be next to Venus on the 26th, in-between them on the 27th and next to Jupiter on the 27th February.

Then turn around and look out for the reddish gleam of Mars in the East.

If you have clear views of the western horizon then look out for a brief glimpse of Mercury just after sunset. He is following the Sun, and if you sit and watch you will see him disappear. He’s easy to spot as you will see him move! The planets were known by the ancients as the “wanderers” that moved differently to the background stars.

And if you stay up late you will see Saturn rise up in from the eastern horizon.

Taurus the Bull is also clear and let the Moon be your guide as on the 1st Feb she will be near Pleiades in the heart of Taurus, then on the 2nd the Moon will be below Aldebaran in the eye of the Bull, and finally on the 3rd the Moon will be between the horns of the Bull.


For all you early birds

For the early risers out there Saturn and Mars will still be up. Mars is reddish and will be towards the east and creamy colored Saturn is overhead. Let the Moon be your guide as she will be next to Mars on the 14th and Saturn on the 13th February.

The Scorpio will be rising up from the eastern horizon and clearly visible. Antares is the bright star in his head. The Moon will be right next to Antares on 16th February. I love looking at the Scorpion. Once you recognize him, you will always be able to spot him when he arrives in the sky above you.


Have a great month





















































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