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Your Sun Sign Astrology Forecast for April 2012 April 3, 2012

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Aries 20 March – 19 April

All that which has been simmering below the surface at work will erupt. Co-workers will be tense and even argumentative.  And even if I suggested otherwise; you cannot help but get involved. But try and wait till later in the month when you get a helpful idea. If you are paying someone to do a job then make sure they know exactly what you expect.

Taurus 20 April – 20 May

Expect something nice to happen this month and it will. Yes, you do have duties which you cannot escape, but the benefits are better. Your creative energy levels will increase and that means you will feel great if you get out, have some fun and are active. With the New Moon in your sign later in the month it’s a perfect time to make long-term plans. 

Gemini 21 May – 20 June

Venus the goddess of love and fun is entering your sign. Goody; don’t you deserve life to be smoother. You will have a special radiance and people will notice you. Attract people and enjoy yourself. There are tensions simmering within the extended family but this is a perfect month to smooth the waters and forgive. Also a great time to begin renovations. 

Cancer 21 June – 21 July

Your work situation is ongoing, but will soon resolve. Even if you are not in the paid workforce, you will still be “working”. There is strong energy in the communication zone of your stars, so frustration can lead to speaking much too forcefully. Yes; say what needs to be said, and be gentle. They want advice, not instruction.

Leo 22 July – 22 Aug

Listen out for news about travel which may be work related. It may mean you are off somewhere with a group of friends or co-workers. There will be a cost involved. Just remember that a fool and their money are soon parted. So be the wise one in the group. It’s a great month to begin an exercise program.

Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

Benefits and opportunities exist in your work place. If you have been waiting for something to happen to help you, then it will. It’s time to take action and drive forward in achieving your goals. Your finances may need sorting out. Do you have the highest interest or the lowest fees you can get? Is your insurances up to date, or the cheapest?

Libra 23 Sep – 22 Oct

This is the perfect month to take, or at the very least, plan a holiday with a loved one. See more of your world with fresh eyes and a relaxed attitude. Emotions are strong, and if you cannot get away, find yourself a local place of refuge. Loved ones are talkative and will share news and open up their inner self with you.

Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov

You need to call time-out! But the chances of this happening is non-existent! So you may as well focus on the realities of life. This month there is emphasis on younger people, or your children, and shared resources, or money. And all parents know what happens when the words “children” and “money” are in the same sentence.

Sagittarius 22 Nov – 20 Dec

The goddess of love enters your relationship zone, so pleasant times will be happening with loved ones. Or tense situations improve. New love or long lasting friendships are possible. But there is likely to be tensions in the workplace. An optimist will focus on the relationships; a pessimist will focus on time spent at work. What will you do?

Capricorn 21 Dec – 19 Jan

At last people are listening to you! Make the most of the opportunity and speak about your ideas and opinions. The more you have invested in time and effort, the more emotionally charged you will be when you finally face opposition. You may need to seek advice, even legal advice, if the battle is a big one. Otherwise you will relax later in the month.

Aquarius 20 Jan – 17 Feb

Who’s in the mood for a party or a celebration? You deserve the chance to relax a little after the time you’ve had. The creative ones amongst you will be surging with crafty ideas. The rest of you will be thinking of creative solutions to any issue or problem. You will make some important decisions later this month. Don’t worry; as it’s not too late. 

Pisces 18 Feb – 19 March

Thank goodness you get the information you need at last. Now you can sort out what you value. This means what you find spiritually meaningful as well as beginning to sort out monetary issues. Someone you know is very wound up and may over react with angry words but you don’t need to respond in the same way. It’s a perfect month to connect with brothers or sisters.


Many people do not realise that the Sun moves into the 12 signs of the zodiac on slightly different dates each year. If you are born close to the border of two signs then you are on the cusp and you are a blend of the two sun signs. The dates here are the 2012 Sun Ingress dates for Australia. Source is SolarFire.


The zodiac signs as shown in a 16th-century wo...

The zodiac signs as shown in a 16th-century woodcut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Grow Well! Ancient Moon Gardening for April 2012 April 3, 2012

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Moon Position and Phase Ancient Moon Gardening


Planting days

1st April


Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all planting and sowing.


In the veggie garden it is best for leafy type vegetables.


No fertile days Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter


Perfect for all planting and sowing. In the veggie garden it is best for fruity type vegetables.


7th April Full Moon in Libra at 5.18am


I decree this to be an Official gardeners rest day! Spend some times with friends. Buy something nice for yourself. J


9th April Waning fertile 3rd Quarter Moon


This is the perfect time to plant or sow root crops
21st April New Moon in Taurus at 5.18pm


Another official gardener’s rest day! Enjoy it as we only get two rest days a month.  Have a massage or a facial!


23rd 27th 28th April Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Moon


Perfect for all planting and sowing. In the veggie garden it is best for leafy type vegetables.


Now you know when to plant – you will want to know when to prune to enhance growth, prune to reduce growth, fertilize, weed, harvest crops and make gardening easier! 


Order the Ancient Moon Gardening Super Almanac – the best way to make gardening easier and fun. And also have the best crops and flowers!


Kerry Galea  Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening

P: 0419 382 131

E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com                  W:www.kerrygalea.com            W: http://www.ancientmoongardening.com


Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)

Quick Tips in Palmistry – the Shape of things to come. April 3, 2012

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Beginners Guide to Palmistry- The Shape of things to Come.

The things you can learn without trying. All you need to do is LOOK!

Without saying anything, have a look at the next hand that comes under your nose. It may be someone handing you change. Or waving.

Notice the hand shape. Is it square and solid, or long and soft?

Square hands indicate practicality, persistence and patience.  These people rely on what they can “do” in any situation.

Long soft hands can go two ways. Along with other indicators, they can rely on the mind, or on feelings. Some will “think” their way through life. Others will “feel” it.

Most hands are somewhere in the middle and use “doing, thinking and feeling”. But soon you will find a classic example of someone who does one in preference to the others. Is that you or your loved one? Sometimes this reliance will help, other times it will hinder.

Take for instance someone with square hands who enjoys working hard and uses their hands to fix “life” very successfully. Then ill-health (bad knee) comes along to prevent them from moving and all of a sudden they are at a loss. They cannot “do” stuff! Or someone with long thinking hands that got a job working on an assembly line.  They will  NOT be happy!

The trick is to help them, and help yourself, use your natural strengths to maximize assets and increase happiness!

What are your strengths?

What’s that in the Sky April 2012? Seeing Astrology in Action. April 3, 2012

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Zytglogge tower in Bern, Switzerland. East fac...

Zytglogge tower in Bern, Switzerland. East facade fresco showing the gods / planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News from the Stars

Time Zone AEST in Australia

4th April Mercury goes direct in Pisces

4th April Venus enters Gemini

7th April Full Moon in Libra at 5.18am

11th April Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn

14th April Mars goes direct in Virgo

17th April Mercury enters Aries

20th April Sun enters Taurus

21st April New Moon in Taurus at 5.18pm


“When spider webs unite, then can tie up a lion.”  Ethiopian proverb


United we stand; divided we fall.        60’s song



For all you night owls

Venus and Jupiter will be rapidly following the Sun below the horizon. During April Venus will be slowly passing over the Pleiades, also known as the 7 Sisters. I will be making sure I see that!  

Look overhead to see Mars shining with a reddish glow. Let the Moon be your guide when she passes close by on the 3rd and 4th April.

Saturn will be in further to the east and will be difficult to spot. Let the Moon be your guide as she will be nearby on the 7th April.



For all you early birds

The magnificent Scorpion will be directly overhead. I always get a kick out of seeing him. Reddish Antares is the star of his head and the long sweep of his tail lies in the Milky Way. If you have never seen him; look for the curve of his tail and think BIG! He is so clear you will wonder why you never saw him before. Let the Moon be your guide as she will be stuck right between his pincers on the 10th April. Not a comfy place for the great Moon goddess!


The Southern Cross can be seen lying on its side in the south. Mercury will be briefly visible in the eastern skies just before the Sun rises, and Saturn will be setting in the west. Let the Moon be your guide when she is close to Saturn on the 7th April and close to Mercury on the 19th April.