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Quick Tips in Palmistry – the Shape of things to come. April 3, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Beginners Guide to Palmistry- The Shape of things to Come.

The things you can learn without trying. All you need to do is LOOK!

Without saying anything, have a look at the next hand that comes under your nose. It may be someone handing you change. Or waving.

Notice the hand shape. Is it square and solid, or long and soft?

Square hands indicate practicality, persistence and patience.  These people rely on what they can “do” in any situation.

Long soft hands can go two ways. Along with other indicators, they can rely on the mind, or on feelings. Some will “think” their way through life. Others will “feel” it.

Most hands are somewhere in the middle and use “doing, thinking and feeling”. But soon you will find a classic example of someone who does one in preference to the others. Is that you or your loved one? Sometimes this reliance will help, other times it will hinder.

Take for instance someone with square hands who enjoys working hard and uses their hands to fix “life” very successfully. Then ill-health (bad knee) comes along to prevent them from moving and all of a sudden they are at a loss. They cannot “do” stuff! Or someone with long thinking hands that got a job working on an assembly line.  They will  NOT be happy!

The trick is to help them, and help yourself, use your natural strengths to maximize assets and increase happiness!

What are your strengths?

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