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Sun Sign Astrology Forecast June 2012 June 1, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
Virgo Symbol

Virgo Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aries 20 March – 19 April

This month is similar to the last one where you will be talking, connection and moving. But this month it’s easier; even wonderful! Continue to ask questions, and make decisions. It’s the time to discuss long-term plans. You are learning and exploring at a fast rate. Don’t forget to call “home” as somebody needs to hear you voice.


Taurus 20 April – 20 May

A breakthrough will occur with financial concerns. You can solve your problems, or suddenly become more astute and save more; or simply be lucky. Don’t focus on the word “luck”, and end up “spending a large fortune trying to gain a small one”. It’s also a time that you can gain more personal self-worth. Look in the mirror and love what you see.


Gemini 21 May – 20 June

As the darkness from last month becomes brighter, a whole new inspirational energy moves in with the magnificent planet Jupiter entering Gemini in the middle of this month. It brings opportunity, enthusiasm, and expansion. Little things will become big, and big things will become huge! Great time for a new life or a new love; bad time for a diet.


Cancer 21 June – 21 July

This is a time to retreat and be quiet with life. Still have your ego out there doing what must be done. But let your spirit rest and ponder on the meanings of life, love, family and work. What is the real reason we act as we do? The information that you need will come to you without you asking.


Leo 22 July – 22 Aug

This month begins with a surge of creative energy. Work will be difficult unless you allow your creative juices to flow. Even a scientist needs to think creatively. Keep on pondering the effect of the groups and friends that are around you. They say that people become the same as the people they hang around with. Who do you association with?


Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

Work, and your role in the world are still very important this month. A new breakthrough will occur and it brings new opportunities. This is what you have been waiting for. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters this zone and you can achieve your ambitions and gain status. Your preparation will determine if it’s a great reputation; or notoriety.


Libra 23 Sep – 22 Oct

The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train! It’s the way out.  It’s time to learn something new, or be in a different place. Now you can enjoy study, and any means of expanding your mind. Have fun exploring new worlds, and continue with plans for a holiday. If you need advice, consult an expert. The money will be worth it.


Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov

This month there is a focus on financial matters and you could react with your heart, and not your head. As a Scorpio, you go to the ends of the earth for those you love and it’s a shock when they betray your ethics. This month begins a long journey of releasing the past and getting over some of those shocks.


Sagittarius 22 Nov – 20 Dec

With the Full Moon in your sign you will be feeling emotional and restless. New people will enter your life. Social activities will increase. It will take a lot of hard work to stay isolated! The world wants you to be seen and to connect with others. You will hear from people you had forgotten about, or thought that had forgotten you. 


Capricorn 21 Dec – 19 Jan

How many times do you have to repeat something before it’s a habit? Continue changing habits. If you do something new three times in a row; is it then a new habit? Work issues can become better, but it’s still a time of having to take more responsibility than you wish. Pay attention to your health.


Aquarius 20 Jan – 17 Feb

The creative times around you continues. Children are the ultimate form of creativity so I expect young people to be especially important. With a New Moon in your love sector of the chart and if you want love; then it may walk through the door very soon. Or you could do something delightful with your beloved. J


Pisces 18 Feb – 19 March

Work, or the outside world, will be making extra demands on your time. But your home continues to be the most important place to be. Perhaps you are adding onto the house, or in the people who are part of your family. This month pay lots of attention to them as your family is your roots, and your heritage.



A lot of people do not realise that the Sun moves into the 12 signs of the zodiac on slightly different dates each year. If you are born close to the border of two signs then you are on the cusp and you are a blend of the two sun signs. The dates here are the 2012 Sun Ingress dates for Australia. Source is SolarFire.    





































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