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The Inventions of Palmistry – M is for Money! June 1, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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Golly Gosh!!

It happened yet again. I met another person who asked me about the shape M on the palm and who heard that it meant lucky with money? Golly I wish it were true. I can twist my own palm and turn it sideways and pull it in all sorts of ways and I bet I could somehow make the lines look like the letter M. Does that mean I can be lucky?

No it does not!

It’s a story made up for goodness knows what reason. One wonders if English-speaking people are supposed to have the letter M on the palm while Balinese people have the letter R for Rupiah. What about an African raised in France? What letter would they have? The mind boggles.

And while we are on the subject of false stories. The planet Mars will never be as big as the Moon. Not ever! I promise. Trust me; I’m an astrologer!

And the world will not end December 2012! More on that in another issue.

One true thing to note for this month; you will go blind if you look at the Sun during the Venus transit!

My last word regarding luck with money;

The harder you work; the luckier you will become!