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What’s that in the Sky – seeing astrology in action June 1, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.
Solar System Montage - GPN-2000-000454

Solar System Montage – GPN-2000-000454 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News from the StarsTime Zone AEST

4th June Full Moon in Sagittarius at 9.11pm with Lunar Eclipse not seen here.

5th June Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces

7th June Mercury enters Cancer

12th Jupiter enters Gemini

20th June New Moon in Gemini at 1.02am

21st June Sun enters Cancer. The Solstice. Yippee it’s the shortest day of the year.

We celebrate that the Sun will return!

25th June Saturn goes direct in Libra

26th Mercury enters Leo

28th Venus goes direct in Gemini



What’s that in the sky?


For all you night owls

Mars and Saturn are high overhead. Mars is the reddish light more to the west, while Saturn is the creamy light overhead.

Mercury will be seen later in the month with a brief appearance low on the horizon at Sunset until he follows the Sun and disappears below the horizon.

Let the Moon be your guide when she will be next to Saturn 1st June and again on the 28th June. She will be next to mercury on the 21st, and next to Mars on the 26th June.                        


For all you early birds

Very soon you will see Jupiter rising in the east just ahead of the Sun. Maybe you will see Venus close by at the end of the month. But the rising Sun will soon obscure our vision.

The Scorpion will be diving head fist in the western horizon and soon gone from view. Let the moon be your guide when she will be next to Jupiter on the 17th June.