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What’s that in the sky? Seeing Astrology in action July 2012 July 1, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.
Image of Saturn

Image of Saturn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News from the Stars

Time Zone AEST

3rd July Mars enters Libra

4th July Full Moon in Capricorn

13th July Uranus goes Retrograde in Aries

15th July Mercury goes retrograde in Leo

19th July New Moon in Cancer

22nd July Sun enters Leo

For all you night owls

Early this month you can catch a glimpse of Mercury just after sun set on the western horizon. But not for long; as he will soon be so close to the Sun that we will not be able to see him. If you sit for even half an hour and watch the horizon near to where the Sun set, you will notice a light that is moving faster than the other background stars. That light is Mercury.

Mercury is pictured as the ancient god with wings on his feet. This is because of his speed as we only catch brief glimpses of him. In ancient times if he was clearly visible or in a significant position then the oracle would say that news that would come from afar!

Mars and Saturn are visible in the evening but will set and disappear in the western horizon about 10pm. The brightest star next to Saturn is Spica which is the sheaf of wheat hanging from the hand of the Virgin. Let the Moon be your guide as she will be next to Mars on the 24th July. And next to Saturn on the 25th July.


All through this month if you look towards the south you will see the Southern Cross lying on its side. Then look upwards to see the constellation of the Scorpion which is looming high overhead. Pick out the huge magnificent curve of his tail that goes into the Milky Way. Some of you with city lights will not be able to see the Milky Way, but I bet you can still see the Scorpion! Let the Moon be your guide as she will sitting on the Scorpion’s head on the 2nd July.


For all you early birds

The goddess is back! Hail to the goddess! After her passing over the Sun, Venus will return; making her appearance alongside Jupiter.  They are a brilliant sight as they are close to the bright star Aldebaran in the eye of Taurus the Bull, and to the Pleiades in the heart of the Bull. And even better on the 15th and 16th July when the Moon will join with them to brighten up our predawn morning skies.  They are worth being cold as you go outside to have a look. Join me, as I will be outside appreciating the beauty; and being cold!

Have fun in the stars


Zytglogge tower in Bern, Switzerland. East fac...

Zytglogge tower in Bern, Switzerland. East facade fresco showing the gods / planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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