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Mayan Calendar December 2012. Is this the End of the World? July 4, 2012

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Astronomy.

Dec 2012 Is this the end of the world as we know it?

The ancient Mayan calendar ends on 21st December 2012. Some say that this must be the end of the world? I promise you that it is not! The world is changing, and has always changed, and will always change. There is a famous quote: “The only constant in life is change.” So why is there such a lot of controversy about the changes expected in December 2012?

There are articles out there in magazines and on the web about the sun spot activity that will flip the earth’s magnetic field causing the end of life as we know it! Others talk about aliens coming to escort us to another dimension! Actually that’s been said before; and nothing happened! You can believe it if you want to. We are in a lucky country and you are allowed to believe what you want to. But I want to reassure you that the end of the world scenario has no foundation in the Mayan belief system of the changing of the long count calendar on December 21st 2012. TV shows, newspapers and current affair shows will delight it talking about all these stories. These people enjoy creating fear! Now let us have our own sort of fun. I ask you to get involved by talking to people and reassuring them that life will not end!

The Mayans started the calendar around the 9th or 13th August 3113 BCE.  And that’s an awful long time to have a calendar! They began this calendar on a date thousands of years before they existed as a culture. How’s that’s for looking backwards! And the calendar ends hundreds of years after their culture finished. How’s that for looking forward! Our calendars are only for 12 months, and a good modern printing business will have pre-prepared calendars for perhaps 50 years at best. But not 5125 years!

I have immersed myself in the mathematics required to figure out their calendars and its fried my brain! And I have a calculator! So I gave up. But believe me; those Mayans were highly intelligent, more so than me! The Mayans had lots of calendars. In fact they had 17 different calendars, some of them covering more than 10 million years. It is thought that they did not just measure dates; rather they measured symbolic time. Clever scholars have debated how to adjust the Mayan calendar into our calendar. And there is much dispute in the academic communities. In fact, a lot of dispute!

But generally most say that on the date December 21st 2012 it reaches in the Mayan Long Count which marks the end the “World of the Fourth Sun” and it resets to which is the beginning of the “World of the Fifth Sun”.

This end count is reputed to coincide with the passage of the Sun over the dark band of sky near the centre of our galaxy which is said to be the “Home of the Gods” in many cultures, not just the Mayans. But this passage already started in 1994 and will finish in 2030, and takes 36 years in total. This occurs due to the precession of the equinoxes which is a 26000 year cycle. And some Mayans scholars say that the end of this long count calendar is also the end of a precessional age when the Sun aligns with the centre of the galaxy. If the translations are correct, isn’t it amazing that the Mayans knew about the precession of the equinoxes, and timed it!

The beginning of the current long count calendar started on August 3113 BCE. Then it cycles again and goes for yet another series of 5125 long count years.  The Mayans had many calendars. Another one was a 260 day ceremonial calendar; another was a 584 day Venus calendar and another was a 780 day Mars calendar.  And there are even more. Why so many different calendars? Well I wish we could ask them, but the depth of their culture was wiped out with the arrival of the Spanish.

The Mayans were highly intelligent and their interest in the changing of the eras was amazing. So if they knew more than us, what can we learn from their interest in this 5125 year cycle and what does it represent?

In order to find out more, I did some research. I thought that if we can see what happened at the start of the last cycle, then we can see what is likely to happen at the start of this new cycle. So I went backwards in time to the beginning of the Long Count in 3113 BCE. It’s easy. Just Google timeline 3113 BCE and see what pops up.

Before 3113 BCE nothing much happened, then there was a sudden surge of advancements and in a very quick period of time of about 500 years either side of 3113 BCE, Egypt’s 1st Dynasty started, Stonehenge construction began, Bronze Age began, cuneiform writing developed, the first monetary measure known as the sketal was used, and the first city state of Urul was begun.

Basically, people settled down, cites flourished, there was the beginning of defined roles, duties and jobs, and they built walls around their new cities for protection. There were water supplies, infrastructure, and even sewerage, and the land was fenced and farmed. In essence, we learned to write and read. We learned to value money and above all; we learned that if you had the land, then you had power! It was like someone has flicked a switch and we made huge advances in culture, spirituality, technology and arts.

So what does this new era mean for us. We can already see the sudden and dramatic changes that have occurred over the last 200 years. We are already changing into a new era. We have changed from sailing ships to great ocean liners, balloon flights to manned space flights, and the new communication that the internet brings to us which is instantaneously uniting the world.  This era seems to promise that whoever holds the key to knowledge and communication has the power.

So our minds, our ideas and our connections become important. Borders have broken down and will break down even more. This will disturb some who value the notion of closed borders and those people who reject new ideas. But I bet back in 3113 BCE there were those that rejected the idea of money and the building of walls!

In a couple of hundred years they will write of a great change from the power of nations and armies, to a power of the mind and connection. Social connection will spread and become the norm, and we will seek out mentors and leaders who have the knowledge that is needed at any specific time.

Let us embrace the changes. Now that you know some of the reality of the Mayan calendar I hope you can share the good news and soothe those that respond to the fear that has the potential to arise at the end of this year.  

Life has changed, life is changing, and life will change. That’s why we call it “LIFE”.

Yours in the Moon and the Stars

Kerry Galea


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