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Whats that in the sky? Seeing Astrology in Action – October 2012 October 1, 2012

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News from the Stars

3rd Oct Venus enters Virgo

4th Oct Jupiter goes retrograde

5th Oct Mercury enters Scorpio

6th Oct Saturn enters Scorpio

7th Oct Mars enters Sagittarius

15th Oct New Moon in Libra at 11.02pm

23rd Oct Sun enters Scorpio

28th Oct Venus enters Libra

29th Oct Mercury enters Sagittarius

30th Oct Full Moon in Taurus at 6.49am

31st October Halloween


The movement of the planets herald time when we feel mood changes, times we are galvanized to take action, and others times when we lack energy. There are shifts in feelings and energy levels at all New and Full Moons, when planets move into signs, or when there are connections (aspects) between planets, or when they turn retrograde or move direct again.

Pay attention to the days when these shifts happen and notice your feelings and energy levels. This understanding will enhance your experience of life. Enjoy the ride!


For all you night owls

As the Sun sets Mercury will make a brief appearance on the western horizon although he will become easier to see later in the month.

Mars is visible on the western horizon but he is darn hard to spot. Let the moon be your guide as she will be next to his reddish glow on the 18th Oct.

The Scorpion will be diving head first into the western horizon seemingly chasing Mars. They will both be gone by the time we will be seeking our beds. And by the end of the month they will be gone by the time kids will (or should) be in their beds.

The Southern Cross is visible all through the night and will be very low and upside down, and as you expect, it will be on the southern horizon.


For all you early birds

Venus is low on the horizon and Jupiter is high overhead.

Venus is close to Regulus at the start of the month but moves steadily away during the month. She may be hard to see in the brightening dawn sky.

Jupiter is between the horns of Taurus, and slightly lower to his left is the Pleiades and slightly higher to his left is Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull.

Let the Moon be your guide as she will be next to Jupiter on the 6th and next to Venus on the 13th.








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