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Grow Well with Sun Sign Astrology and Moon Gardening in October 2015 October 2, 2015

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to October and we feel the sun shine waking us, and Mother Nature, to full active frenzy.

Here is my Earth Moon and Stars Newsletter for this month

2015 10 October Earth Moon and Stars with Kerry Galea

but if you want a quick peek at your stars then scroll down and enjoy what the month will bring. SYMB Venus in Taurus

Aries 21 March – 19 April

Tensions arise over the cost of having a good time. Perhaps young people in your life want, or need, money spent on them. Your reactions could be based on past insecurities, so leave those feelings where they belong …… in the past! Learning a new task is frustrating; but you will need this knowledge. Overreacting will be a hindrance, not a help.


Taurus 20 April – 20 May

Other people will cause upsets if you let it happen. It is time to do things differently so if you want to be creative and spend time enjoying yourself; then do it! This month is an especially creative time but you will prevent your own inspiration when you worry about others. They will be fine no matter what happens.


Gemini 21 May – 21 June

The dilemma between choosing between home and work is continuing. If you don’t work, it means the role you do in the public world. Everyone as a role, a persona and identity they “put on” for the public. Try as you might; the world will see though any pretense but you will be supported when you are honest about yourself.


Cancer 22 June – 22 July

Finances and feeling worthy are the focus this month. Are you devaluing your creations or your creative self? Be careful before you blurt out angry words as you may have been given the wrong information. Check sources and also check your interpretation that could make you see only the positive, whilst ignoring the negative. It’s best to let facts inspire you.


Leo 23 July – 22 Aug

The crunch comes with matters related to home and family. You have been so firmly focused on the future and moving ahead and it is now time to pay attention back to your roots. It’s also time to focus on cold hard cash and your management of it, as it will change, not necessarily for the worse; but even a windfall can be wasted.


Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

You don’t seem to be able to express yourself as you normally do. Words get tangled and high energy levels mean you can get reactive, almost angry, which means you need to listen rather than talk. Are you expecting too much of people? Big changes are around you, so surrender and accept to what is happening, rather than pushing against it.


Libra 23 Sep – 23 Oct

Are you in a group of real friends? Are they like-minded? If you have argued or feel under pressure, then it’s time for some new friends more suited to how you want to live life. Karmic debt is not something you repay by taking issue with who is, or who is not, responsible. Just sit with any intense feelings while in a peaceful place.


Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov

OK, so it’s proving to be a time of hard work but it is important to allow some time to wind down and harness creative juices. Keep your ultimate goals in mind and you will enter an easy flow of energy and vitality. Join, or form, a group to aid networking which leads to combined inspiration.


Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec Energy, vitality, recognition and opportunities are strong in the workplace and in the role you portray for the public. You can also be noticed for all the wrong reasons, so be good and you will be brilliant; be bad and ….golly…. you get the idea! High energy can result in arguments which would be better channeled into action.


Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan

A sense of tension soon fades to a sense of confusion. This comes from the struggle to find the right words and to hear the right words. It’s similar to trying to talk underwater where nobody understands anything. Take extra effort to speak clearly and double-check you interpretation of what is said to you. Good advice will be very important.


Aquarius 21 Jan – 18 Feb

Harsh realities now mingle with confusion. Are you crashing from one to another? Add someone who is being assertive, a workplace that is not supportive, authorities that do not help, and people who want to keep secrets. Your harmony comes when you let the confusion turn spiritual where it’s easy to “chill out” and find a special moment of bliss.


Pisces 19 Feb – 20 March

Who knows what the truth is? The people around you think it’s them. Is it? Perhaps they are acting in what they think is your own best interests? If not; you better tell them how to help as they are the ones that will have all the luck (for a month). Authorities will challenge them just as much as they challenge you.

The Sun moves into the 12 signs of the zodiac on slightly different dates each year. If you are born close to the border of two signs then you are on the cusp and you are a blend of the two sun signs. The dates here are the 2015 Sun Ingress dates for Australia. Source is Solar Fire from Esoteric Technologies.