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Inspiring Astrology Forecast and Moon Gardening for May 2016 May 1, 2016

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Hello and Welcome to May,


This is the last month of Autumn and its time to see what is coming ahead.

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May your month be full of smiles and joy.




Aries 20 March – 19 April

As long as you review and refresh your attitude to your finances, you will find a windfall. Spend this month asking yourself… “what do I need to do…. to be where I want to be?” Also be prepared to learn a hard lesson in rules and law which reminds you again to do…. what you know you are supposed to do!

Taurus 20 April – 20 May

This is a month to reflect, to ponder, to plan but not yet begin to start anything. Study all possibilities then let a new creative impulse start working within you before you share it with the outside world. This gives you time to alter and adjust. Stop being fearful of your own creative power. It’s time to start growing.

Gemini 21 May – 20 June

For most of this month you desire peace. If it’s attainable, then it’s a perfect month but if family and working situations are chaotic then you will feel under strain. It’s OK to say “No, I need a moment, an hour, or a day to myself”. You time to shine will be later in the month.

Cancer 21 June – 21 July

Now it’s time to make decisions! You will also have the ability to reach out and communicate with anybody, especially in groups. The shy amongst you will discover a new talent for speaking; the extroverts will be eloquent and convincing. Prepare to negotiate a workplace agreement and aim for a win-win outcome.

Leo 22 July – 22 Aug

Work, be it paid or unpaid, is not going ahead as you imagine but the omens are good for the long-term. Right now you are supposed to go over and over again to make sure of everything. Stay confident as you are making great progress and people will notice. Money spent on fun things, won’t be fun and won’t help.


Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

You want to surge ahead but there is still something to learn, and information which is important that you must discover. So ask questions, make contact with people who have the knowledge, use google and act like an investigator. Home and family soon need attention but don’t forget your own journey as they could distract you.


Libra 23 Sep – 22 Oct

Going inward and discovering your shadow side is confronting and scary but it is also a way to peace and joy. Life circumstances may have caused self-judgement and behaviour patterns you no longer need. Take off the old skin and be new again. You can stand tall in the purity of being you, not who somebody else thinks you are.


Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov

Let loved ones dither and indecisive as they will soon have new opportunities and decisions to make and this is the time they need to weigh up the pros and cons. Worrying that future goals will be blocked by financial constraints actually guaranteed that they will! Instead think about budgets and savings plans to ensure that you succeed.


Sagittarius 22 Nov – 20 Dec

At last the future gets clearer and all the hard work and concentration is allowing you to head for your dreams. It still requires effort but this is the finishing work, not the starting nor the maintenance…. but the final achievement phase of a recent cycle. Are you allowing yourself to think about the next few years?


Capricorn 21 Dec – 19 Jan

Are you stressed or restless? The solution is to bring a bit of “varoom” into your life and go forth where you have not yet ventured? Let yourself enjoy doing something rash or different. I know that’s hard for a most Capricorns; but let yourself go. Seriousness will soon return so make hay while the sun shines.


Aquarius 20 Jan – 17 Feb

Home life and family is still calling your attention. Its clean-up time which means literally it’s a perfect productive time to get rid of old clutter and make it sparkle. On the personal level; it means that it’s time to clean up your inner journey of the soul. What cobwebs clutter your heart? What pain needs to be thrown out?


Pisces 18 Feb – 19 March

Slow down and think before you talk or act. You see all points of view and loved ones are moving ahead and want you on their side. It’s a perfect time to offer them a different perspective as they struggle with their role and they will welcome your varied ideas as it means more choices; always an exciting prospect…..  if they like choices!

Did you know that the Sun moves into the 12 signs of the zodiac on slightly different dates each year. If you are born close to the border of two signs then you are on the cusp and you are a blend of the two sun signs. The dates here are the 2015 Sun Ingress dates for Australia. Source is Solar Fire from Esoteric Technologies.