About Me

astrologer palmistry gardener kerry galeaHello and welcome to my website.

To introduce myself, I have been an astrologer and palmist for over 20 years and have been an avid gardener in the earth since I can remember.

I delight in working with you as my clients, and my values in life form the backbone of my readings. I believe that we look to the earth to know that we are supported, we look at our hands to know that we are unique and we look at the stars to know that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

I live and work in Victoria, Australia. I began my working life as a medical scientist and continued it while working as an astrologer and palmist. There was also a time I trained and worked as a teacher.

Gardening has been constant delight, a creative expression and also a wonderful opportunity to gain harmony with Mother Nature.

My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Science
  • Graduate Diploma of Education – Secondary
  • Diploma of Astrology from the Federation of Australian Astrologers
  • Diploma in Applied Astrology from AstroSynthesis
  • Practitioners Diploma of Medieval Astrology from AstroLogos
  • Certificate in Palmistry ICP (UK – now closed)

and my plants love me!

I hope you enjoy the site and want to learn more about Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening Cycles.

And please enjoy this remarkable and wonderful thing which we call “life”.