Moon Gardening and living in harmony with the Moon is the first step towards a conscious realisation that we are a part of this planet and can have an important role as custodians.

To each and every one of you; look at the earth and know that you are supported,
look at your hands and know that you are unique,
and look at the stars and know that you are part of something greater than yourself.

moon gardening earth custodian stained glass

You truly are a part of something greater than yourself. And you are truly wonderful, and loved by the universe. I continually talk about being a gardener for beauty and abundant crops and for a harmonious life, but this is just the surface idea. Behind my words, and given in workshops and articles such as this one, is a deep call for you to begin thinking of yourselves as wonderful acts of creation and custodians of the earth.

It’s time to see the earth, see the universe, and feel that we are part of it. To see something… really see something… is profound. Look at the tip of your finger, study it, send love to it. See it and feel it. Repeating that process with anything from nature makes it easier and easier to connect to the earth and to the universe. Do it every day. A leaf, a tree, your entire hand, a loved one’s face, a cloud. Call out to the world and say… “I see you”.

To enhance our connection with the magic of life, ponder on the fact that we are made of stardust. Atoms came into existence with the big-bang and have come together to create this universe, this planet and everything on her. This planet is alive. We have been water, we have been rocks, we have swum in the oceans as fish, we have climbed and walked as creatures of the land, we have evolved as this planet evolved. Our atoms have been continually recycled since time began.

The coming together of atoms is an act of creation. While we recognise new life, gardening, and creativity as an act of creation, we don’t realise how deep and extensive the idea of creation is. Every action you take is an act of creation. We create what we plan to do tomorrow. We create the next action we take at work, at home, with loved ones and with everyone we meet. We create our next words. We are a part of the magic of creation… a slow unfolding energy striving to be the most it can be. Let us take it one step more… and be the best we can be!
Earth is the Mother that brings all life into being. She was named Gia by the ancients and we have now reached the point that she needs us to change our behaviour from users to custodians. As users we have abused and poisoned her waters and soil. There is no Planet B to run to when this one can no longer support us. We deserve a planet that can nurture us and our grandchildren’s children’s grandchildren’s and their children… and you can help make it happen.

If you have ever asked yourself what you can do or felt the frustration and angst of feeling like you can do nothing… I am here to say that you can do PLENTY! It’s simple… all you need to do is change the way you use words and let people hear you. We know it a scientific fact of educational and psychological science that changing a word or a phrase can change reactions. This changes behaviour and then changes outcomes. As an example: a simple change in phase from saying “I am a smoker”, to “I used to be a smoker”, dramatically increases the chances of quitting smoking. Educational programs, counselling, life coaching and sports coaching all use this idea. The players on the field all use positive affirming language to enhance their abilities and to change outcomes in order to win.

To become an Earth custodian and play a part in the changing energies, all you need to do is to change your language, your phrases, your words. When you talk of gardening, talk about being a custodian of your patch of land. “I am a custodian rather than a gardener”. When you talk about any work activity or project, talk about the natural creative process and instinct involved. When you noticed something beautiful, say thank you to nature and let people hear you.

The age of scientific thinking began with the phase “I think, therefore I am” (Descartes 1637) and it was repeated until it, and other words like it, created an era that valued the brain. What might happen if we started saying and repeating the words… “I feel, therefore I am”. I believe that feelings and instincts would begin to be valued and respected. What we feel would be honoured, and this includes the earth under our feet and the universe above us.

In essence, See the earth, see nature, see the beauty. See it like you have never seen it before. Know that you are part of the process of creation. Speak a language that shows it loves nature and create outcomes with your words. Be a custodian of the earth… and together, we can change the world.