Astrology & Palmistry

To be in Harmony with Yourself

The Art of Astrology and Palmistry is to be in harmony with yourself and to understand life’s journey.

Astrology and Palmistry are valuable tools I use to help you understand your personality and character, and the developments in your life.

Astrology uses the positions of the planets and the stars to see your star-given potential. Palmistry uses the lines and shape of the hand to see your natural potential.

Together they see your position in life’s journey… for the present, in the past and towards the future; to see what to avoid and what to enjoy.

Please note that I have an analytical approach and use the stars, and your hands, as your maps of life.

This can help in many areas such as:

  • Relationship issues, understanding times of crisis
  • Optimal directions for personal growth
  • During times of emotional changes, understanding grief, career choices
  • Money issues, business concerns, answers to specific questions
  • To look to the past, at your present, and forward to your future potential and choices

Look at your palms and know that you are unique; and also look at the heavens and know you are part of something greater than yourself.

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