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Classes and Workshops

Astrology, Palmistry and Myths Discussion Group 

On the 3rd Sunday of each month at Dyoligy of Traralgon from 3.30pm to 5.30pm is the Astrology, Palmistry and Myths Discussion Group.
This is your opportunity to come along and learn in a fun experiential manner as we look at each participants chart, myth story and palms.
The topics vary and are decided the previous month depending on questions and interests of the group.

Here are some recent examples….
Astrology and Chakras – which ones are activated or turned off for you. 
Know your Life Direction with Astrology and the Nodes.
An Evening of Palmistry with 10 Tips to Your Future.
Ancient Moon Gardening – Using the Moon to help create a magnificent garden!
The Stars and Love – Relationships 
Chiron – Where are you wounded?
Why our moods change… The Progressed Moon through the Month. 
What transits am I having right now? Your chart in the spotlight



I am frequently invited to speak at meetings, garden clubs and the occasional interstate workshops. 
My approach is always light-hearted and fun filled. My aim is to inspire.
My delight is in working with people to learn about themselves, the connection they have with others and how to be in harmony with Mother Nature and the rhythm of life. 









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