Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology & Palmistry FAQ

Q. What details do you need?
A. The details that I need are your birth date, location of birth and time of birth if you know it. Even knowing morning or afternoon birth helps. But I can analyse your chart even if you do not know your birth time. Please tell me how accurate you think the birth time is.

If you wish to find out your birth time I know that most UK births record the birth time on the birth certificate. Most Australian hospitals will have recorded your birth time, but may charge a fee to look up old files.

Q. Are readings recorded?
A. I will record the reading if you wish. Most people do. It would take a perfect storm of technology breakdowns for a recording to fail… but it can happen. So, I don’t promise that it will be recorded. Recordings will be emailed in two different parts to ensure smooth email delivery.

Q. How do I send images of my hands for a phone reading?
A. Smart phones take great photos. I will need four photos of each hand and please email them to separately so I can then expand them easily. The main point is that if you can see the lines… then so can I.

Try laying your hand on a table and holding the phone parallel to your hand.

First, take a photo of the upper back of the hand showing your knuckles and finger nails.

Then turn your hand around and take one with the whole hand open and relaxed, showing me the palm and the fingers.

Then one close up of the palm.

Then slightly turn your hand a little to the side and take a photo one of the area under the little finger.

Then repeat with the other hand.

I will let you know how they turn out and most of the time they are perfect.

Moon Gardening FAQ

Q. How do you send the Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar?
A. The Moon’s help comes to you for a whole year and is emailed to you. 

You will receive each season approximately 2 weeks before the start of the season. Thus, you will receive 4 issues.
Renewals are send out in February ready for Autumn.

Spring contains September October and November
Summer contains December January and February
Autumn contains March April and May
Winter contains June July and August.

Q. Can the Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar be used in other countries?
A. I am based in Australia and have created the calendar for use here and in New Zealand.
The time zone adjustments for other countries would make it difficult for you to use easily and quickly. But if you cannot find anything that suits you in your area of the world, then I can tell you how many hours to add or subtract from the calendar.

Q. How do I make Time Zone adjustments in Australia and New Zealand?
A. The Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar has been based for Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST and summer time AEDT

Correct for VIC NSW TAS QLD. Subtract ½ hr in SA. Subtract 2 hrs in WA. Subtract ½ hr NT. Add 2 hrs NZ

AEDT Times are correct for VIC NSW TAS. Subtract 1 hr QLD. Subtract ½ hr SA. Subtract 3 hrs WA. Subtract 1.5 hrs NT. Add 2 hrs NZ.

You will notice that I tell you in the calendar when the Moon changes mid-morning, midday and mid-afternoon. In SA and NT you don’t need to do anything as the Moon is not such a hard lady that she will not forgive a few minutes! The rhythm of nature is similar to a tide or flow of energetic sap movement, not a sudden turn-on or turn-off.

In WA you need to take off 2 hours (or 3 in summer time). Therefore, if it says “mid-morning” … you adjust tit to first thing in the morning. If it says “midday” … then you adjust it to mid-morning. If it says “mid-afternoon”… then change it to midday.

In NZ you need to add 2 hours so if it says “mid-morning” … change it to midday. If it says “midday”… change it to mid-afternoon. If it says “mid-afternoon”… change it to the end of the day.