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Moon Gardening

To be in Harmony with Mother Nature

Ancient Moon Gardening, or Lunar Gardening, is a way of aligning ourselves with Mother Nature for harmony with the earth. You will gain a peaceful approach to gardening, create more productive crops and increase both the beauty and our appreciation of gardens and care of the land.

It is an ancient technique that you will find is simple and easy to use. Following the Moon gives you the days to plant, prune for growth and to prune to limit growth, harvest, treat pests, feed and weed, even when to have haircuts and colours and the days to work and the days to rest.
It combines the Moon Phase with Fertile and Barren Moon Signs and is easy to use; and it works!

With the moon gardening calendar you will gain harmony with the rhythm of Mother Nature, accomplish more, and best of all… your garden thrives beautifully and abundantly!

July Lunar Gardening Example Calendar

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lunar moon gardening july calendar

Lunar Calendar Guide

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lunar moon gardening guide

The Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar easily and clearly tells you what to do. It gives you:

  • the days to plant – so plants easily settle in, grow sturdy root and branch systems and survive adverse conditions
  • the days to harvest for taste – for juiciest quality and that special succulent taste
  • the days to harvest for storage – to markedly reduce loss from mould

  • the days to prune to increase growth – shrubs, roses, fruit trees and everything
  • the days to prune to limit growth – great for lawn mowing, hedges, bonsai etc.
  • the days to weed with digging – so the weed bulbs and seed re-growth is limited
  • the days to weed by poisoning – so that a very small dose of spray works!
  • the days to spray feed – so all the nutrients are used by the plants and are not wasted
  • the days to harvest for remedial effectiveness in herbs or oils
  • the days to butcher and castrate stock
  • the days to treat diseases in plants
  • the days to have haircuts and colours!
  • the days to treat animal for worms, parasites and fleas
  • the days to work and undertake maintenance
  • the days to rest

Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar – EMAILED

The price is for 1 year beginning in Autumn is $37
When you join us at any other time, the price will be adjusted lower. 
If you join mid-season, the current season will be gifted. 

Renewals are sent out each year in February. You will then receive Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.
An entire year of 4 Seasons 12 months is $37

This includes Gardening Tips!

With Moon Gardening you are in harmony with nature, and will have beautiful lush gardens, an increase in crop productivity, and save money when plantings survive, and you will do it all easily.

The Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar is an easy to read one page per month calendar. All dates and time are in Australia AEST. The Moon position is from the Swiss Ephemeris in Solar Fire Esoteric Technologies.

Please note: the Moon Gardening Calendar is only available via email

Those interested in strengthening their connection with the nature and the land, and in sustainability, will be keen to learn how to use the moon’s lunar cycles. My aim is to show you how to understand the rhythm of nature and increase awareness of our deep connection to the very earth that nurtures and supports us all.

Purchase the Moon Gardening Calendar

  • The Moon Gardening Calendar is suitable for Australia, and the Southern Hemisphere, and is emailed to you each season. It shows you when to plant and sow, when to prune garden for growth, to harvest, and to weed, feed, spray, do all your garden and home maintenance and when to take a well deserved rest. You will receive each season 2 weeks before the start of the season. Spring contains September October and November Summer contains December January and February Autumn contains March April and May Winter contains June July and August All renewals occur at Autumn. So the price at checkout will reflect the season when you first buy your subscription. A complete year is $37


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