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Super Reading -1.5 hrs

The 1.5 hr reading includes palmistry and a prepared astrology reading. We will cover everything. Most people have this as their first reading and then have Yearly Updates.

It includes a forecast for the year ahead and a printed copy of your chart. We will discuss your potentials, strengths, and the trends for the future in the areas of relationships, love, work, career, family, love, children, personal growth, money, and health. Bring any questions.

Yearly Update Reading -1 hr

Ideal as an update each birthday.  This reading includes palmistry and prepared astrology and looks specifically at the year ahead. With this reading you can keep your eye on the trends for the upcoming year and you can ask questions. I use various techniques including transits, progressions and a Solar Return where a chart is calculated for your actual birthday. 

Mini Reading – 30 or 45 Minutes

The 30 minute reading focuses mainly on your Palmistry patterns, with as much information on your current astrology trends as time allows.
The 45 minute reading is for specific questions.


Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar

Ancient techniques for the modern gardener. This is a one page per month when to plant, when to harvest, when to weed, when to prune to limit growth, and when to prune to enhance growth, when to rest and much more.  

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are held monthly and participants work with their own astrology charts, and we discuss astrology events, techniques, palmistry, and the stars above us in an informal,  fun and lively manner.


With all of my services

My aim for you is to understand your past, your present and therefore your future choices. Whilst I value the skills, I am not psychic or use intuitive energies. My background is in science and I consider myself a “map” reader. Therefore I believe that through knowing our “life map” we can make choices that determine our destiny.

I am available for readings at Gippstown in Moe, Dyoligy of Traralgon in Central Gippsland and in Koonwarra in South Gippsland.  All readings can be recorded and sent by email.


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