Astro Play: Bringing the Chart Down to Earth

November 17th 2pm to 5pm
South Melbourne Town Hall

understand astrology

Astro Play takes astrology from the academic construct of symbols and signs, adds the 3rd dimension of creativity and imaginative discussion, and brings the magic of astrology alive. It can be used by anyone with any level of astrological knowledge, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, to those running workshops and study groups or working one-on-one with clients.

In this workshop with Kerry Galea, you will have a chance to experience Astro Play for yourself. Kerry will outline the framework and strategies and then it’s time to play!

Through a variety of games, the complex symbols and rituals of astrology speak to each participant on a uniquely personal level, offering a new, often deeper, understanding.

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I enjoy life whilst working in harmony with the earth, and as an Astrologer and Palmist for clients seeking personal guidance. I'm also the author of the Ancient Moon Gardening Easy Planning Calendar. This is a timetable for living in harmony with Mother Nature to produce abundant crops and beautiful gardens with easy and grace. Thank you for visiting and may your life be a garden finding happiness in every moment!

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